Friday, December 14, 2012

"Born gay" takes another hit.

The “born gay” hoax is being dragged further into the sunlight and dying fast.

“...Researchers Peter Bearman of Columbia and Hannah Bruckner of Yale furnished proof that, as a matter of fact, gays aren’t “born that way.”

...In one small step for mankind, scientists are starting to bend in the direction of actual data rather than blindly adhering to the kind of political correctness that punished scientists like Galileo who followed the truth rather than prevailing, intimidating and threatening cultural trends.

...Under a Judeo-Christian moral construct, we can freely admit that we do not understand the origin of all of our impulses. But it is not necessary to understand the source of every impulse to know that self-destructive impulses must be resisted at all costs. That’s what the message of the gospel is all about - that there is power in Christ to resist dark impulses, no matter what the source, that will destroy us if indulged. ...”

Full article here.


  1. The comments posted under the original article in _Rightly Concerned_ were at least as informative, in their own twisted way, as the article itself. I do not mean that they provided informed refutations of Bryan Fischer's thesis that recent research tends to disprove the heritability hypothesis of homosexuality. Rather, said comments demonstrate the mobbing behavior that homosexualists have found so effective in clearing the public forum of opposition to their agenda, since they first used it to drive--literally!--the staid scholarly types of the American Psychiatric Association off the stage in the early 1970s, overturning by intimidation the scholarly consensus of the psychiatric profession in short order.

    In a way, you cannot blame the homosexualists for resorting repeatedly to mobbing behavior: it has worked wonderfully for them for the better part of half a century now. We humans are social animals, dependent for survival on our ties to a larger community, which makes most of us highly sensitive to the perception that we are "out" with the group. Whom you can blame are the supposed guardians of the public mores who have caved so easily and repeatedly during this time to the transparent mob tactics of the homosexualists (and other cultural-Marxist critters, for that matter).

  2. But the truth is immortal, and I serve the Truth/Jesus Christ. Homofascism is very closely imitating the bell cruve of the militant feminists who's time has come and gone.

    People are starting to see the difference between "gay rights" and homofascism. I completely support the civil rights of the glbt community, but I know that it is not a civil rights issue when it comes to the Godless effort to redefine marriage to ignore gender.


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