Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Victory for Julea Ward.

What would a University do if a Muslim counselor refused to support the sexual activities of a homosexual client and referred that client to another counselor?  Wouldn't the University go out of its way to respect Islam?  Why then are true Christians thrown under the bus?

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  1. Mantronikk is right to suggest that, had Ms. Ward been Moslem, no one at Eastern Michigan University would have dared to demand that she enter a homosexualist brain-washing program, with only one end result allowed: that she renounce her most deeply-held moral and religious beliefs regarding the nature and sanctity of marriage, and publicly proclaim her new, unreserved adherence to whatever homosexualist dogma is currently fashionable among the professoriat. But Ms. Ward is a Christian, hence the homosexualists felt empowered--and safe--to bully, humiliate, and ruin her professionally, confident that Traditionalist Catholic commandos or Mormon marauders would not blow up the counseling program's offices or behead its administrators, whereas, had she been Moslem . . . well, you know.

    The conservative Canadian blogress, Kate McMillan, heads her blog, _Small Dead Animals_, with the aphorism, "Not showing up to riot is a failed conservative policy." I think she shows great insight.


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