Sunday, January 22, 2012

Denying the reality of gender.

99.999999% of human beings are born either male or female. But there are those who want people to ignore this overwhelming fact. There are those who war against, "gender stereotypes."

I've noticed this predisposition in the glbt community; anyone who points out the differences between male and female will be attacked.

The parents of this boy hid the fact that he was a boy for the first five years of his life. Why? To avoid any "gender stereotypes."

I see a bisexual in the making.

"... Of (this) case, Dr Harold Koplewicz, a U.S. child psychiatrist, said he was ‘disturbed’ that well-meaning parents could be so misguided.

‘When children are born, they’re not a blank slate,’ he said. ‘We do have male brains and female brains. There’s a reason why boys do more rough and tumble play; there’s a reason why girls have better language development skills.’ ..."

Full story here.

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