Saturday, May 4, 2013 is changing today.

Today, in concurrence with Star Wars day, is changing.  More "off topic stuff" is going to be added to reduce the intensity of this blog.  From now on there will be more big news coverage, cute stuff, future tech, and sci-fi.  (I'll have to figure out the ratios of which later.)

I will still however blast homofascism with the truth.


  1. Mantronikk, I wish you well in your refashioning of your blog. I am glad to see, in any case, that you will keep your anti-homofascist focus in place; we need brave voices, such as yours, more than ever.

    1. Thanks. This blog has been pretty intense for the past four years, and I've realized that not everyone can handle such a pure focus on a subject. After careful consideration, I've decided to expand my focus, but I will NEVER stop uncovering homofascism and defending my right to disagree with and defend myself from the glbt community.


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