Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Will the destruction of marriage be the end result of the redefinition of marriage?

This woman, Masha Gessen, admits (at 0:37) that the glbt community is lying about their desire to "marry" someone of their own gender, and that the end goal of at least some in the glbt community is to destroy the institution of marriage altogether.

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  1. Of course the end game of the push for "marriage equality" is the destruction of the family, as the prime institution for the socialization of children and the transmission of culture, pre-existing and overshadowing the state; the subversion and eventual overthrow of the traditional family has been the holy grail of would-be totalitarians at least since the time of Gramsci (though a good case may be made that extinguishing the traditional family was always an implicit goal of the several variants of socialism that were the bane of the 19th and 20th centuries). Statists want to own children body, mind, and soul, but the institutional family has always proved a stumbling block to their designs. They believe, perhaps correctly, that the homosexualist project of reducing the family to any permutation of libidinous interactions and incidental associations shall finally do the trick.

    The irony is that, once the cultural Marxists succeed in overthrowing the traditional family, whichever strongman winds up in control may well decide, depending on his personal sexual esthetic, to repress homosexuals brutally: this happened in both Russia--with the rise of Stalin--and in Germany--with Hitler's bloody elimination of the Röhm faction of the SA. And no coutervailing power will be able to stop him.


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