Monday, May 13, 2013

HIP pic.

I really hate to be so gross but... why does the body of a homosexual produce sperm if he was born to have sex with other men?  "Born gay" makes absolutely no sense.


  1. Actually, I _chose_ to be straight when I married my wife and made the conscious decision that she would be the only human being with whom I would ever have carnal relations, while she and I both lived. This included forswearing such relations with both men and women, or any combination thereof. I don't want to be crass either, but even a smattering of cultural anthropology should instruct us that many cultures--while not being so deranged as to believe that marriage between persons of the same sex makes sense--countenance same sex perversions outside of marriage, e.g., the revolting widespread practice of "boy-loving" among the ancient Greeks and modern Afghans, or the the rather widespread conceit that, if two men copulate, only the receptive partner is acting "unnaturally." Had I been born in a different time and place, and given a different rearing, I might well have chosen to engage in, what to a Christian, is an abomination.

    Deciding to be exclusively heterosexual, though the most common choice, at least until now, because of the Judeo-Christian mores we inherited when classical antiquity morphed into Christendom, is nevertheless just that: a choice (just one that is made easier by said inheritance). Yes, I do believe that God intended us to be exclusively heterosexual, within the bounds of man-woman marriage, but He also gave us free will, hence, we get to choose.

    1. The inspired Word of God shields us from the propaganda of secular ideas of right and wrong. God is eternal, as are His moral boundaries. It is wrong for an adult man to have sex with his consenting adult sister a thousand years ago, today, and a thousand years from now, but there are those who believe that any sexual act between two consenting adults is okay.

      I've had opportunities to have sex outside of my marriage, but I chose not to because I fear the punishment of God and care more about my wife's heart than my own sexual satisfaction.

      Those who support or participate in same-sex "marriage," have rejected the commandments of Jesus Christ and will someday be rejected from His eternal kingdom. It breaks my heart to see so many people accepting sexual sin as normal.


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