Sunday, May 5, 2013

That is so smart. That is really smart.

The Word of God does it again.  There were few men gayer than Antoine Dodson who shot to internet fame in 2010, but now he's on the road to recovery.  Mr. Dodson also explains the effeminate homosexual to near perfection at 2:10.


  1. Homosexual behavior is no more determined at birth than any other deviant behavior, say wife-beating or polygamy. Secular reparative therapy works for a large percentage of homosexuals who wish to change--Masters and Johnson (once the darlings of the sexually progressive set) claimed an approximately 2/3 success rate--so one would expect an even higher success rate for those who have undergone a spiritual conversion. I myself have seen all sorts of self-destructive behavior, including but not limited to homosexuality, extinguished in men and women who have given themselves wholly to the Lord. Entire lives are turned around in those who experience true conversion.

    We should remember that the Eastern Mediterranean in which St. Paul sowed the seeds of Christianity in the first century was a sexually depraved society . . . which is why, in his Epistles, he enumerates so many sexual sins that must be left behind by the Christian upon conversion. The mores of the entire society that St. Paul evangelized were reformed in conformity with natural and Divine law. If the Church were to (re-)start preaching Christian sexual morality with anything approximating the zeal of the first century, the de-moralization of Western Civilization over the past half-century could be rolled back in an amazingly short time. (The Judeo-Christian roots of our sexual morality are still, despite the best efforts of the Cultural Marxists, very much alive under the surface.)

    1. That was rediculously well said.

      One of the reasons that I love the Word of God so much is because the Bible shows me right from wrong and frees my mind from propaganda and peer pressure. The simple act of reading the book of Proverbs four times a week has already saved my job at least twice. God is constantly upgrading my heart and mind, which, in turn, upgrades my manifesto and blog.

      The most powerful gay blogger that I know of, Joe My God, will NOT debate me despite my contacting him directly via email and contacting him directly in response to some of his comments on various websites. Building my life upon the Word of God is what makes my blog so dangerous to the glbt community. Heteroseparatism is completely underpinned by scripture; despite my compassion for gays, their behavior is totally wrong, and not comparable to race/skin color.


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