Sunday, January 31, 2010

After 72 hours...he still cowers.

Well folks, I gave Rob Tish over 72 hours.

I suspended all operations AND sent him a private gmail notifying him of Thursday's post just after it went up, just so I could truthfully say that I did.

I have modified and even removed posts due to him pointing out mistakes in my posts. I have even congratulated him on his skillful observations. Yet when I found inaccuracies (omitting my definition of a homosexual child molester), and at least one outright lie in his video (he portrays me as claiming all gays are molesters), notified him, and gave him ample time to respond, he is.....a no show. Wow.

I have a question for Mr. Tish that will expose his true concern, or lack thereof, for protecting children from molestation. Yet he hides from me. 'Nuff said.


  1. I don't think he's hiding from you. I think he's ignoring you.

    Why on earth would he continue a conversation with you? You're not able to assess statistics in a sound manner, you have a clear agenda, and you used his name to promote a completely unsound theory. He's already wasted energy. If I were him, I'd've written you off as a lost cause.

    Watch the video without nitpicking it ("my" definition of a homosexual child molester?!). Otherwise -- yeah, lost cause.

  2. What Grace said. Sometimes the best way to 'respond' to malicious bullies is to walk away.

    But hey man, you just keep on trumpeting your victory over here.

  3. But Grace...if the situation was reversed, and he called me out and I "ignored" him, wouldn't you consider me a coward or a homophobe?

    But Rusty...that's what heteroseparatism is all about, walking away from people who want to attack me and slander me as a "homophobe" for disagreeing with the glbt lifestyle.

  4. But, could it be this reason?:
    "Because of my crazy work schedule, I'm going to need up to three days to post a proper response to him"

    But, I’d guess it likely has to do with what Grace said.
    And, BTW, attaching someone's surname to a vile crime and tacitly accusing, implicating, or associating that person to said vile crime, is pretty dang LOW, and it slides really close to the edge of slander.

    I re-watched Rob’s video because I didn’t remember him ever stating or implying that you claim ALL gays are molesters, and, unless I missed it the third time, he does NOT state or portray you as “claiming all gays are molesters”. He does, however, accurately “portray” you as claiming that MOST gays are child molesters. Tish’s video is accurate, backed up with fact, and is a very nicely done response to another propagandist helping to perpetuate false and misleading information that damages real efforts to protect children from sexual exploitation.

    Your definition of “homosexual child molester” doesn’t mean jack; that is another convenient tool of bigots. That’s a good example of one of the many holes in “studies” and “research” that have pre-determined outcomes.
    "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less."

    "(I always have to resist calling him Mr. Tush!)"
    --- er, well, you did with that sentence, and golly - how incredibly 'original'! It's childish, and further discredits your already irreparably damaged credibility from all the distortions, exaggerations and fabrications.

  5. So a man molesting a boy ISN'T a homosexual act?

  6. Tom, Just saw your post today but headed to work. Will give a more detailed response later.

  7. Tom:
    Rob Tish STILL hasn't shown up to answer my yes/no question that will reveal his true concern for the sexual safety of children. What does that say about him?

    What came to be named the Tisinai formula was in my head years before I met Rob...Tish when I realized that not all gays were molesters but a disproportionate percentage of molesters were gay. Whether or not a man is a temporary homosexual or a permagay, his sexual contact with a boy is a homosexual act. Also, there's a deeper level to the Tisinai formula that I'm keeping under my hat for now.

    Nineteen seconds into his video, red lettering appears that reads, HIM: Gays are child molesters! This is an intentional mischacterization of the Tisinai formula post. Also, he referrs to ONE study of 50 molested boys. That's pretty weak. He also lied and said that I claimed that 33% of girls and 14% of boys were molestation survivors. That was not MY claim and I linked the post to my evidence.

    Rob...TISH(omg that was difficult!)produces an entire video to distract people from the truth that I revealed on one,3"x5" blank index card, then, incredibly, gives me about $3,000 worth of advertising on his own website! I still have a hard time accepting the fact that he fell for such an obvious trap. It LITERALLY makes me LOL.

    Rob Tish fears my question for him. There's no other reasonable explination for his silence.


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