Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lisa Miller: not completely legitimate.

I'm going to have to back off of this woman. I had no idea that she had been warned that she was going to loose custody of her child if she didn't comply with court ordered visitation, and I also found out, from a reliable source, that she accepted child support from her former lesbian lover. I must withdraw my support of Ms. Miller due to this new information, it appears that homofascism was not a factor in her losing custody of her child. I stand corrected. Info here.


  1. Thanks for this post. But the facts are easy to find? Why didn't you know them? Why post something that you haven't researched? I hope you're beginning to see the worldnetdaily, onenewsnow, are consistently feeding you half truths -- and often wholehearted untruths -- that you often need to retract. Please, for the sake of your own integrity, do some independent research before passing on untrue material.

  2. Mr. Tish,
    Do you think that anti-hetero types should be able to teach schoolchildren in public schools, in grades 2 thru 6, about sex acts between males/men without the consent or knowledge of their parents?

  3. The word is LEGITIMATE.


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