Thursday, January 14, 2010

United States Supreme Court protects prop 8 supporters.

How come gays just don't come out and say that they want to change the definition of marriage instead of playing the victim and crying "oppression" and "bigotry"? The one-man-one-woman program has been working for hundreds of years and now those that have abandoned sexual sanity want to impose their will on the other 97.2% of the population.

How come this country, that had the guts to tell some of the Mormons that polygamy wouldn't be allowed in the United States of America, has somehow been hypnotized by people who aren't attracted to the opposite sex? This insanity has gone so far that people who think that marriage is just fine the way it is have to be protected. Look what happened to Carrie Prejean!

Anyhow, the Supreme Court has decided to protect those who stand for the natural family. Story here.

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