Saturday, January 9, 2010

GLBT vs Democracy?

Democracy itself will soon be on trial in California. 31 out of 31 states, where the definition of marriage has been put to a vote, have decided to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. Most in the GLBT community have decided that the above mentioned definition of marriage is a "...violation of their civil rights..." Wow. I don't see the connection to the civil-rights movement of the African American/Black community. I just don't. Anyhow, click here for the full post.


  1. "Democracy itself will soon be on trial..."

    Wow. That's a pretty dramatic statement. I'm going to ask you which of the following you agree with:

    1. Every right of every person should be subject to a majority vote.

    2. Some individual rights should be protected even if the majority is in a mood to strip them away.

    Which is it for you: 1 or 2?

  2. Neither. You have the same right to be married to one woman at a time just like I do. We have both lived with that right all of our lives. Defining marriage as being between one man and one woman isn't a violation of anyone's civil rights.

  3. Also, it seems to me that you are you dodging the question I asked you on 06 Jan. 2010 under the Lisa Miller post. The question about teaching schoolchildren about the sex acts that homosexual men commit with each other.

  4. My question wasn't about gay marriage. It was about whether you think there are ANY individual rights should be protected from majority rule. So which is it, 1 or 2?

  5. I'm dodging your question in your Jan 6 comment? That's actually funny, given that you didn't answer any of my questions in that comment: "Why didn't you know [the facts]? Why post something that you haven't researched?"

    As for your question, I didn't understand it. What's an "anti-hetero type"? And what sexual activities go on between gay male couples that don't go on between straight couples? You'll have to clarify those issues first.

  6. "You have the same right to be married to one woman at a time just like I do."

    Let me if I've got that right. Are you saying that if two people have the same rights, then it's impossible for one of them to claim his rights are being violated? Is that what you believe?

  7. I will not answer anymore of your questions, nor will I post your comments anymore until you give me a "yes" or a "no" to THIS question... Do you think that it is okay to teach schoolchildren in grades 2 thru 6 about the oral and anal sex that homosexual males/men participate in?


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