Sunday, January 10, 2010

Call out for Rob Tish.

It's a "rumble" people. A call-out. It's "old-school," where two men met toe-to-toe and slug it out until one is declared the winner. Here are the details...

I think that sex education classes for schoolchildren in grades K thru 6 should NOT include anything other than what an adult man and an adult woman do to make a baby. And that children should not have to attend these classes without the consent of their parents. I believe that all other sexual activities between consenting adults should be left out of sex education classes (which should be called reproductive education) due to the controversial nature of some of these sex acts.

I believe that my greatest critic, Mr. Rob Tish, thinks that it's okay to teach children in grades K thru 6 about oral and anal sex acts between two males/men even without the consent of their parents! I have asked Rob Tish to clarify his position on this subject three times, here, here, and here. But Mr. Tish will not give me a clear "yes" or "no" to the question of whether or not he supports teaching children in grades K thru 6 about oral and anal sex acts between two consenting, adult males.

Doesn't it stand to reason that, if a person cannot give a clear "no" to such a simple/clear question, they shouldn't be around children? Can you answer with a clear "no" to my question Mr. Tish?


  1. I've asked you to clarify your question, which made no sense. You have refused to do that. Instead you've chosen to make unfounded accusations. Just as when you chose to link my name to the crime of child abuse in your post, "The Tisinai Formula" even though we hadn't been discussing it. The irony is that you once asked me to read the Bible with an open mind, yet by making this vile linkage you yourself violated the rule, "Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself." That makes you a hypocrite.

    Also, you still haven't clarified your original question. Please do so. What do you mean by "anti-hetero types," and what acts do you have in mind that are done by two men that aren't done by an opposite sex couple. You can't reasonably expect a person to answer a question that you refuse to make clear.

    Furthermore, you still haven't answered my questions about why you so often post claims that you haven't researched (and often have to retract). Try answering that one.

    And by the way, for the record, I don't think we should teach kindergartners about anal sex. And there is nothing you can point to in anything I have written to suggest that I might believe so. That's just your anti-gay bigotry making things up.

  2. You see. You cannot give a clear "no" to the question of my post. You have ONLY eliminated teaching kindergartners about anal sex. I'll give you one more chance(your fifth)to deny that you think that children in grades K thru 6 should be taught about oral and anal sex between two consenting, adult, human males. It's easy. But you can't do it can you?

  3. Are you planning to post all my comments or just the ones that suit you? Let's clear this up.

    No, I don't think kids in K-6 should be taught the mechanics of oral or anal sex in school -- whether between two men or a man and a woman. Sexual orientation has no bearing on the matter.

    Second, as I pointed out in a comment that you were too cowardly to publish, you had no reason to believe that I thought otherwise. Your statement about me was a lie, a breaking of an important commandment, and if this is a rumble, then you just lost it badly.

    Finally, as I asked in a comment that you for some reason did not publish, I want to know the names of these people that you claim want to teach kindergartners about anal sex, and I want to know your sources (because, as we've established, your sources are often wrong).

  4. Your previous posts were deleted because you didn't give me a clear "yes" or "no" to my question. I said that I BELIEVED that you supported the mental-molestation-of-children efforts of some in your community because of you reluctance to answer my previous questions on the subject. I will answer your questions because you finally answered mine.

  5. Look, if you're going to pick and choose the comments you're going to allow, then there's no point in attempting to try and have an real discussion with you in the comments section -- especially since you've smeared me and damaged your own integrity in the process. I'll continue to check your blog just so I can keep an eye on what the blind, gullible anti-gay fringe is thinking, but there's no use in pretending you want an honest, open, uncensored dialog.

  6. I got tired of you ignoring or avoiding my simple question. I had to know where you stood on forcing homosexual subject matter on schoolchildren in grades K thru 6. Had someone asked me the question that I had asked you, I wouldv'e responded immediately with a simple..."no." Your reluctance to disavow homotalitarianist tactics reasonably raised my suspicions. I carefully laid out my beliefs on sex education to young schoolchildren to clearly state where I stood, yet you continued, in my poinion, to behave in an elusive and evasive manner. So I did what I have never done before and deleted your comments that didn't give a clear answer to my important question. If you don't want to comment anymore, that's fine, however...if you have questions for me I will now answer them. I had to know where you stood on that particular subject before continuing to talk to you because I do not speak to people who pursue children behind the backs of their parents, nor do I speak to people that think that such activies are okay.

  7. Heteroseparist....what a CUNT you are. You need help.

  8. You don't read very well, do you? He answered 'No' numerous times, it seems.

    I got a chuckle out of this line:
    "I just discovered the word "sophistry" a few weeks ago."-

    Neither are you very well-read, eh? Or, maybe you should have stayed awake during those high school Lit. classes?

  9. I graduated high school after finishing half of my sophomore year by passing a proficiency exam. I guess I missed some classes.


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