Thursday, September 9, 2010

A female Vaughn Walker?

Where were these types of judges in years past? All of a sudden, marriage between one man and one woman is "unconstitutional." Now, DADT is "unconstitutional." When will speaking out in support of heterosexuality be "unconstitutional?"

The United States military has to curtail certain sexual behaviors within it's ranks. A married officer would be disciplined for cheating on his wife. A higher ranking male officer couldn't have a sexual relationship with a lower ranking female. Why do gays seek exemption from any boundaries on their sexual behavior then cry out for a marriage certificate which is a declaration to, among other things, have sex with just one person as long as both of you are alive? Gays seem to hate sexual boundaries of any kind, then have the nerve to cry "homophobe!" when people like me try to tiptoe away from all things gay.

Click here and here for the whole story.

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