Saturday, September 25, 2010

UCMJ irrelevant if "gay."

Do hetero men that were court-martialed for adultery get their jobs back too? The Universal Code of Military Justice forbids homosexual acts and adultery. (Articles 125 & 134)

I was actually on Major Witt's side when I heard that she didn't tell the military she was gay, but someone else told the military she was gay. After all, it's called don't-ask-don't-tell and she didn't tell, someone else did.

Then I found out that Ms. Witt was dating a married woman! And STILL seeing her! Now all bets are off since she is now in violation of a second, serious article of the UCMJ for which heterosexuals ARE prosecuted! Don't gays want "equality"? She took this same oath that heterosexual servicepeople took. But wait! She's gay. Okay then. Let's all go home now. She's gay and, therefore, cannot be touched by the laws that bind us mere mortals.

Story here, here, and here.


  1. I read your article because of a school project for my Organizational Behavior class. My class project is on Gays in the military and the UCMJ. My question for you is this: Do you have any sources that confirm the information regarding Witt dating a married woman? As you stated, this is a key piece of information that can seriously augment the case, but other articles I've read relating to the case have failed to mention this important fact. Please provide any additional sources that you may have that indicate that Witt was dating, and is still dating (as your article suggests) a married woman. Thank you for your time.


  3. Thanks! I appreciate the link!

  4. You are correct that Witt is in violation of a second part of the UCMJ and it should not matter that she's gay, she should be held accountable. However, there are those of us who are against DADT who are also against this part of the UCMJ. Get the government out of soldiers bedrooms. Period.

  5. But Witt's adultery will be overlooked BECAUSE she is gay. That's wrong.


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