Monday, September 13, 2010

SB 543: The LEGAL, glbt pursuit of children.

I'm stunned by this story.

Democratic Senator Mark Leno from San Francisco (where else), wants to make a law that prevents a parent from knowing if their, 12-year-old child is being "counseled" by their school about their desire to enter the glbt community.

"Current parental consent requirements for mental health services create a barrier to treatment that is especially harmful to LGBT youth who may be put at risk of emotional or physical abuse by coming out to their parents prematurely or without support."

From what I've heard, a child can call the police or child-protective-services on their own parents in the case of emotional or physical abuse. Also, if people are truly "born gay," as many homofascists and homoappeasers would have people believe, then why are some anti-hetero types so desperate to approach children without the knowledge or consent of that child's parents? I mean, if they are "born gay," won't the "gay" still be there when they're 18?

What would happen if Christians wanted to approach the 12-year-old children of gays without the knowledge or consent of their parents? How would the glbt community react to that?

Get a container to vomit in before clicking here and here.

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