Friday, January 21, 2011

Anti-Christ gays attack Christian couple's livelyhood.

This news story is why I don't believe the lie that homosexual "marriage" won't adversely effect my freedom to serve Jesus Christ in America.

A British couple who run a bed-and-breakfast in England would only allow people that were in a true marriage to share a bed under their roof because of their respect for the commandments of Jesus Christ.

Two homosexuals show up and want to have relations with each other in this Christian bed-and-breakfast. When the gay dudes aren't allowed to share a bed and are offered seperate beds, they didn't go away quietly like unmarried heterosexual couples did, and they didn't go to any of the nearby, gay-friendly b&bs, they of course, decided to sue these God-fearing people and force their sexual perversion into their Christian establishment. The homosexuals absurdly compared their sexual conduct to being Black or Jewish! (OMG!)

A British judge (how can he be a judge when he can't tell the difference between race, Judaism, and sexual misconduct?) has ruled against these followers of Jesus Christ in favor of the two men who have sex with each other. Story here.

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