Saturday, January 8, 2011

Princess... boy?

I'm quite upset that I didn't get to this story in a timely manner; it's the same old story of getting overwhelmed by work. Anyhow, here is, yet again, a boy who may develop into a homosexual because his Godless parents don't have the moral common sense to tell him that it is wrong for a boy to dress like a girl, or that he cannot ever be a girl. This is how effeminate homosexuals start off; by overrelating to girls and then wanting to be girls.

What happened to sexual sanity on planet Earth? I see and hear about mothers in my country telling their daughters to be, "strong and independent," yet this mother is allowing her son to be a "princess." Not only that, the glbt community is celebrating this woman's "tolerance." I never thought that I would live in a society where masculinity was practically forbidden. Story here.

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