Saturday, January 29, 2011

Counterfeit "marriage."

Ive heard, "How does my homosexual 'marriage' affect yours?" To which I respond, "How does counterfeit money affect real money?"


  1. I've been with my partner for 22 wonderful years, and we've been married since 2005, when marriage equality was made the law of the land in Canada. Our relationship has lasted longer than most heterosexuals that we know. How does this smug video affirm the notion that my marriage is counterfeit?

  2. You're not married in the eyes of God. What does it profit you if you get the entire planet to accept you and your homosexual lover as "married" and then lose your eternal soul?

  3. God is the one who I follow, not you sir. God made me as I am and He wouldn't have me any other way.

  4. Do not remain deceived. God did NOT make you a homosexual.

  5. Who are you to tell me that He did not make me as I am? He is my Lord, my Maker and my Saviour. You are but a twisted "believer" who wouldn't know God's true word if it hit you in the face.

    When I was a teenager I was very confused. Lost. I prayed to God and He anointed me with His love and words of wisdom. He told me that He loved me as He made me, and that I needn't be afraid. It matters not what you think or what you believe because God is in my heart and in my soul and His love for me can never be forsaken.

    In reference to His word, the Bible, I believe (as do many scholars) that some of His true meaning has been lost along the way. Many biblical scholars believe that some of the original scripture was translated incorrectly by error (some words had no direct translation so the man doing the translation guessed at their meanings) or by will (men with an agenda who wanted to add their own meaning to certain passages. Please refer to the following link:

    I hope that you read the entire article. It's quite informative and, if read with an open mind, could change your mind.

    BTW, I saw this on Urban Dictionary and I laughed out loud!!!


    A troubled soul who is so disgusted by homosexuality that he just can't stop thinking about it.

    Did you see that the heteroseparatist put up yet another blog post about homosexuality?

  6. You have been decieved...

  7. But you obviously didn't read the entire piece. Anyone can pull up a quote from bible gateway or some other site that has a quote from a Bible that was not translated properly or was translated by a man with an agenda, who wanted that section of text to say what he wanted it to say. It's YOU my friend who's been deceived and on who is, might I say, delusional. You say that you're not homophobic yet you continue to spread the bigoted and hateful lie that The Gays recruit children into the "homosexual lifestyle" without the consent of their parents. This is a heteroseparatist's way of saying that if a child were to be taught that "Jenny" having two mommies is normal and okay, THAT would be indoctrination and recruitment.

    If you were actually concerned about children you would be focusing your time and energies on CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE at the hands of straight family members or friends of the family.

    This is something that I find truly disgusting and deplorable. God sees through your deception and lies. He knows that you care not about children. If you did you'd be trying to HELP THEM. Instead you put forth the lie that you are a heteroseparatist. Indeed. You don't hate members of the queer community, you just decline to associate with us. Is this something that Jesus would have done? Is this how Jesus would have behaved? No. Of course not. But you don't really care about God, Jesus or the Bible. You just care about furthering your own sad little agenda. You call yourself a Christian, but God sees through you, as do the rest of us who love our Lord and Savior. Amen!

  8. But I can and do denounce talking to a child about Christianity without the consent of that child's parents, whereas you, as a homosexual, CANNOT do the same; you can NOT denounce speaking to a child about homosexuality WITHOUT the consent of that child's parents.

  9. I don't categorically DENOUNCE anything, or anyone for that matter. I know that you find "shade of gray" inconvenient but that's real life for you. Children aren't as malleable and fragile as you seem to believe.

    You're disingenuous. If you truly cared about the children of this country - the world for that matter - you'd be working tirelessly to end the molestation and physical abuse of children at the hands of family and close family members. Do you? NO! You hide behind a thinly-veiled guise of your coined term of heteroseparatist, which means nothing to you and is yet but another example of your duplicity.

    God sees you. He's can see into your soul and He knows your true nature. Self-professed Christians who do the Devil's work will not be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus would not condone your divisiveness nature. Instead of embracing those who you feel are "less than" yourself you lash out against them. You call them names and you say that they are "recruiting" children. Evangelicals recruit children. They brainwash them with their twisted version of scripture and they turn them against people. THIS IS NOT GOD'S WILL! God loves each and every one of us as we are His creation.

    God Bless You!

  10. I will NOT speak to a child about Jesus Christ or sexual matters without the PRESENCE of their parents. You, as a homosexual, cannot declare what I just have because you will become useless to the glbt community if you do so.

    If you aren't a danger to children in lieu of the fact that you will bypass the civil rights of their parents and speak to children about homosexual activities WITHOUT the consent or knowledge of their parents, then you will be able to make the same declaration that I have.

    But you won't. You'll make some long homoOrwellian speech, but you WON'T disavow speaking to children about homosexuality behind the backs of their parents. And you say I don't care about children?

  11. You DON'T care about children. You are so focused on speaking to children about things "behind their parents backs" that you are blind to anything else. I speak to children about my relationship but it is NOT behind their parents backs, it is with their parents in the room, or our church, and it is with their blessing! God made me and my partner in His image.

    Our Lord loves us. You, me, all of His children. You've lost your way. You judge others because you follow a literal interpretation of the Scripture. Pick up that Good Book and read it; don't rely on bible gateway to feed your soul. Read the Book.

    Help the children who are in need. Children who are being abused need our help. Your esoteric fight helps no one. If you really want to help the children help those who are being abused. Children are not abused by the truth, they are abused by physical and sexual abuse. DO YOU SUPPORT CHILD ABUSE?

  12. Will you disavow speaking to children about homosexuality without the knowledge or consent of their parents? If you won't, you are a danger to children.

  13. Will you disavow speaking to children about doughnuts without the knowledge or consent of their parents? If you won't, you are a danger to children.

  14. @Anonymous,

    To compare eating doughnuts to two men having sex with each other says a lot about your grip (or lack thereof) on reality. AND, I would not speak to a child about eating doughnuts if their parents didn't want me to. Disregarding parental rights is gay.

  15. I agree with Anonymous. Speaking to children about doughnuts or McDonalds, Taco Bell (only 34% ground beef & the rest of the mixture being "fillers") and soda, with or without the knowledge of their parents, could be quite damaging to them. Far more damaging than talking to them about my relationship with my husband, a man with whom I've been in a loving and committed relationship for more than 22 years.

    In reference to one's "grip on reality," it seems as though yours is quite tenuous. You are so blinded by your seething contempt for gay men and your assumption that we're lurking in the shadows, waiting to indoctrinate children into our way of life, that you ignore the reality. Children are physically and sexually abused by their own heterosexual parents and family members or heterosexual family friends.

    Why do you have such a patholigical distrust of gay men? It's certainly not anything that's based in science. And, as we've discussed, God loves us all no matter sexual orientation so I'm not sure where you're coming from. I can only hope that one day you'll see that light and work to help save children from familial physical and sexual abuse.

    God bless you!

  16. @ "Mr. Wonderful"

    Anyone who WON'T disavow talking to a child about sexual matters WITHOUT the consent of that child's parents is a danger to that child. Yet, in the history of this blog, I have only encountered ONE homosexual that would disavow talking to a child about homosexuality without the consent of that child's parents.

    Your accusation of my "contempt" for gay men is false. My prime emotion for homosexual men is sorrow. My distrust for gay men stems from the fact that they want to take away the rights of Christians; I investigate how far gone a homosexual is by asking them to disavow talking to children about homosexuality behind the backs of their parents. When a member of the glbt community WON'T do this, I know that I'm talking to someone who won't respect the rights of people that won't support homosexuality and THAT is the ugly truth that I have discovered about the VAST majority of the gay community.

    God loves us all, but he will not accept a person's WILLFULL embracement of sin. God can heal you of your SSA, but if you refuse to admit to yourself that homosexuality is a great sin, you cannot become one of his children. Do not remain decieved by believing that you have a relationship with Him.


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