Monday, January 24, 2011

New disease for gay men.

Well, if being 44 times more likely to contract AIDS isn't enough to get homosexuals to reexamine their sexual behavior, there's a new concern for men who have sex with men; now gay men are 13 times more likely than heterosexual men to catch MRSA, a disease that can develop into a flesh-eating bacteria. Wow. And where is this disease now concentrated? The Castro district of San Francisco, California, the homosexual epicenter of the World. This disease is also prevalent in East Coast gay communities.

Has humanity gone insane? What will it take for the glbt community to realise that their behavior is wrong? What will it take for some cultures to stop glorifying homosexuality and persecuting those who refuse to support the glbt community when there is medical evidence that proves that the glbt lifestyle is so unhealthy? I guess these are just "hate germs." I suppose that this disease will be labeled as "homophobic" by the gay community and subsequently ignored.

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