Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"...banning gay 'marriage'..."

Any time that marriage becomes legally defined as being between one man and one woman, the phrase, "...banning gay marriage..." is used.

How come the phrases, "...defining marriage..." or, "..banning polygamous marriage..." are never used? Are they not also true?

How come I never hear, "...Jesus' definition of marriage..."? After all, the one-man-one-woman definition of marriage is from God and quoted by Jesus himself in Matthew 19:4-6.

I believe that the phrase, "...banning gay marriage..." is an intentional manipulation of public opinion. Story here.


  1. I only just stumbled upon your blog and will likely not visit here again. But I must say that I'm amazed and mystified by what appears to be a disturbing, twisted obsession with gay people. Of the many, many issues in this broken world to which you could channel constructive energy - poverty, addiction, illiteracy, violence, abuse, illness, and so forth - to instead direct all this animosity toward LGBT folks seems truly bizarre, and a sad waste of your intellect. It pains me to encounter a Christian brother (or sister) like yourself proudly displaying such a lack of mercy and compassion and understanding. It also saddens me to see a fellow Christian using scripture in such a negative, condemning fashion. Shame on you. Seek a better, higher path, my friend, one that will allow your faith to build up others that truly need help and ministering to, rather than tearing down those that are different from you. The ugliness that's on display here on this blog has nothing to do with the Jesus that I know and love and look to as my example.


  2. Dear Anonymous/"Matthew"

    Your disguise is horrible. A Trojan horse is supposed to LOOK like a Trojan horse. Your's is more like a tiny Chihuahua made of balsa wood. A true Christian would have listed the scripture/s that I was violation of.

  3. I'm not a Christian but then again, neither are you. A self-loathing closet case perhaps, but you are no Christian. Would Jesus have spent so much time and energy trying to denounce certain segments of society? No! He didn't do this. Instead he loved them and showed them kindness.

  4. I'm fighting homofascists who want to take away some of the rights of Christian parents and destroy anyone who won't accept homosexuality as normal. I have not condoned violence or hatred towards gays. How does that disqualify me from being a servant of Jesus Christ? You clearly don't know the teachings of Christ and by your own admission do not serve him. BTW Jesus DID denounce "certain segments of society" for their sinful behaviors.

    I'm only supposed to turn the other cheek when it comes to a simple, physical assault. I do have the right to defend myself after that point.


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