Friday, May 20, 2011

"Don't say gay" to gradeschoolers.

Whenever I ask someone who belongs to the glbt community to denounce how some in the gay community want to speak to children about entering their lifestyle, without the consent of that child's parents, they almost always go ballistic.

Then they come at me with an avalanche of propaganda designed to distract me from the fact that they won't disavow the glbt violation of the civil rights of some parents. How odd. How strange. It seems that homopocrisy runs very deep. How did I wake up in a country where a person would openly admit their desire to pull children into homosexuality? If a person is born gay, they will still be gay when they are 18, so why do some gays insist on access to children without parental consent?

Well. It looks like Tennessee is waking up to reality and taking a stand against those who would come at children behind the backs of their parents about sexual matters. How could any sane person have a problem with that? Doesn't a person prove that they are a danger to children when they support doing an end-run around the civil rights of that child's parents? WHO CAN DISPUTE THAT?

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  1. Come on. A blog post by 1 person is not evidence of hypocracy, or evidence to "pull" children into homosexuality. You are an idiot if you think that you can recruit someone into being gay, and sorry, but a parent does not have the right to be distructive to their child. Its called child abuse. You are paranoid and frankly a weak minded & frightened idoit. Mentioning the fact that gay people exist is NOT recuriting, is NOT "pulling children into homosexuality", and parent don't have the right to prevent others from "saying gay" in front of their children. You just don't, just as I have no right to prevent others from "saying God" or "saying Jesus".

  2. A parent has every right to know what a person like you wants to teach their children in the sex education classes in their gradeschool. Your clear disregard for the civil rights of others shows the depths of your homofascism. God Himself has a special focus on people that harm children by the way.

  3. You teach your kids about religon at home or in church, just as I do. Mentioning that gay people exist in this world does not violate anyone's civil rights, or harm anyone's children. You thinking it does just proves my point that you are at least ignorant, and at best an idiot. Hardly "homofascist". Oh, and if God Himself has a special focus on people that harm children, you & your "heterofascit" ilk will have alot to answer for.

  4. "How did I wake up in a country where a person would openly admit their desire to pull children into homosexuality?"

    Actually you didn't. The author states “We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality." Acceptance is a bit different than pulling children into homosexuality. In your ignorant warped way you're suggesting that innocent children can be made gay simply by knowing that gay people exist. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way. We cannot and will not return to the age of "Leave it to Beaver". There are GSA in schools all over America that are not "recruiting" orgs but rather clubs that help those young people struggling with being gay...and they KNOW they are gay...and perhaps save a life in the process. I was recruited into the "christian" lifestyle at a very early age. I did not have a choice. I was told that if I did not accept this jesus in my life I was going to rot in hell. At least as I grew, and actually read something other than the bible, I realized how very wrong that was, and how that hellfire and damnation attitude was worse than realizing that I am who I am. That I am gay, and God really doesn't care WHO I love but rather THAT I love.

  5. @John

    You are completely wrong. If people came at you the wrong way concerning Jesus Christ, I apologize to you, as his servant. I left the church for 20 years due to the misconduct of a pastor. I know how you feel.

    But I began to study the bible on my own and discovered verses that PROHIBIT rudeness, and arm-twisting on the behalf of servants of Christ. True Christians don't even talk to scripture-twisting CHINO's(CHristians In Name Only).

    But you're wrong about God being okay with homosexuality. He want's to repair you so you can spend eternity with him. If you don't want to believe that, I'm not going to push anything on you.

  6. Sorry but YOU are completely wrong. My God knows me and loves me just the way I am. And he knows there is absolutely nothing to "repair". I am so sorry your God has to get all bent out of shape over who somebody loves. That is sad.

  7. @John

    You're creating a God from your own imagination and ignoring his Word. This disqualifies you from a relationship with him, and if you die without changing your mind and taking him at his Word, where he is, you cannot be.

  8. And you are arrogant and stupid to tell me that my God is wrong and yours is right. I'm not disqualified from anything. I have my relationship with my God and could care less what you have to say about it.

  9. I'm arrogant and stupid for trying to save your soul? You've been decieved and I was trying to help you. If you don't want to listen to what God says about himself and the rules of his Kingdom you don't have to. But you'll have an unpleasant surprise, to say the least, when you stand before Jesus Christ. He may show you this very string as proof that you rejected his commandments when you are judged by Him.


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