Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Peter Vidmar case.

How does gay "marriage" affect mine? I could get fired for supporting true marriage. Story here and (as of 17 May 2011) here.


  1. The Voice of ReasonMay 11, 2011 at 2:00 PM

    "How does gay "marriage" affect mine? I could get fired for supporting true marriage"

    Lets be honest about this. His ACTIONS impacted his JOB, not his MARRIAGE. Gay marriage had no impact on his straight marriage.

  2. Did he not LEGALLY support true marriage? Was he not fired because of the support-us-or-else mindset of those who wish to redefine marriage? Did not the loss of the position affect his income and subsequently his marriage? Would not his probable sadness because of this event affect his wife?

  3. The Voice of ReasonMay 11, 2011 at 3:27 PM

    I don't know if you are even being serious or not. Assuming that you are......Yes, he acted legally. The Olympic Committee is also within their rights to hire & fire upon their will. His ACTIONS, not his beliefs resulted in him getting fired. These ACTIONS and the subseqent actions by the Olympic Committe MAY have caused sadness to his wife, which MAY have had an impact on their marriage. You don't know this for a fact, you are jumping to conclusions.

    Your post indicated that it was gay marriage that had harmed his marriage straight marriage. This is both intelectually dishonest and completely speculative. That the loss of employment could be a stress on his marriage is certainly plausible (we don't know that it actually did). The linkage to gay marriage, however, is spurious. Using this argument veganism could have harmed his marriage if he has spoken at an organic produce market and his employer was Oscar Meyer. By your logic, if he had spoken @ a klan rally, would it not then be non-caucasion people who had harmed his marriage? Obviously not.

  4. Yes I’m being serious. When a man’s legal actions cost him his job, something’s wrong. If the Olympic Committee fired a homosexual due to pressure from Christian athletes (something that would NEVER happen!!), the local glbt community would riot and probably burn the place down. Being fired for supporting God’s definition of marriage is evil and wrong. But the Olympic Committee has the right to be wrong as I have the right to say that they’re wrong.

    The wife of a God-fearing man would be saddened this persecution. A man who serves the Lord wouldn’t be married to a woman that wasn’t a Christian unless he violated the commandment of the Lord and married an unbeliever. A man of Mr. Vidmar’s spiritual strength is almost certainly married to a God-fearing woman and she would be saddened by the unjust termination of her husband. You disagree? Fine.

    The comparison of a vegan to a carnivore is wrong since neither activity is sinful. A man having sex with his wife is not in violation of God’s laws, but a man having sex with a person who isn’t his wife is committing a sexual sin.

  5. @VoR

    Your comment awating moderation was killed when blogspot was down for maintenance. I was calculating a response to it, and now it's gone. Feel welcome to resubmit it.

  6. The Voice of ReasonMay 15, 2011 at 10:25 AM

    I made my point. I hope you understand where your logical falacy was. It was just a tip to help out your aguments in the future.


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