Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Upcoming rumble?

Well beloved readers it's happened again. A homosexual is mad at me for using my freedom of speech, (that I have paid for via income tax) to denounce an act of arson against the property of a gay man. I'm not making this up.

This little heckler calls himself, "Absolutely Not Annonymous." He rejects Jesus Christ, has sex with men, and he's mad at me. He's been accusing me of some wanting to "wish gays out of existence," and other homophobic beliefs. He apparently hates my hate-free refusal to support the glbt community and his gay lifestyle. His attacks have become really hard to understand, so I'm going to give him his own post so we can fight one-on-one. As always, I will allow no one but him to comment on this post. I know how heckler-class gays like to group-attack.

I'm making him choose a shorter name so we can talk. I think that that's fair. I'm not going going to cite such a long name every time I address him here and in future posts.

So... "Absolutely Not Annonymous," until you face me here, your comments won't be posted. So identify yourself, tell me what you've chosen for your shorter name... and BRING IT!


  1. I told you that your comments won't be posted until you chose a shorter name. Look at the last paragraph of my post.

  2. I told you that your comments won't be posted until you choose a shorter name. It's an easy task and a reasonable request. People are waiting.

  3. For the fourth time now... I told you that your comments won't be posted until you choose a shorter name. Don't go out like a punk. Choose a shorter name and BRING IT! I would've complyed instantly if the situation was reversed. Comply with the rules of this conflict AND BRING IT!!!

  4. Dear readers: As of 1932hrs PST DST on this day, Wednesday 04 May 2011. My opponent,"Absolutaly Not Annonymous" has refused to comply with the rules of this challenge/match/conflict/rumble. Due to this bewildering action on his part, his future (if any) posts will be auto-deleted.

    I am disappointed at this developement. I did NOT want to win by default. Why couldn't he choose a name? How wierd! With the Lord Jesus Christ as my witness, my opponent refused to comply with my simple, easy, requirement.





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