Saturday, August 13, 2011

Global heteroseparatism.

Today, while checking out some new software used by my blog, I discovered an amusing fact.

In the United States, I have readers in New York, California, Texas, Maine, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, Oregon, Indiana, Utah, Maryland, Kentucky, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida.

On the planet, I have readers in Canada, Finland, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, The Czech Republic, Australia, Oman, Belgium, Thailand, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Qatar, France, Asia/pacific region, Uzbekistan(!), The Netherlands, India, The Philippines, Norway, (something called)Palestinian Territory, Slovakia, (The) Russian Federation, China, Egypt, Jordan,and Turkey.

Wow. And I haven't even started to advertise yet!

I knew that there had to be millions of people that had a hate-free, lack-of-support for the sexual behavior of the glbt community like I did, and it seems that they are finding my blog at a slow but sure rate. And the homosexual who's verbal attack inspired me to create the word heteroseparatist has vanished from the original chat website where he first attacked me.

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