Monday, August 8, 2011

Warren Jeffs; member of the GLBT community.

<---- I knew that this guy wasn't a Christian because he rejected Jesus Christ's definition of marriage. Then, yesterday, I found out that, not only is he not a Christian, he is a member of the glbt community!

Doesn't this support my contention that marriage redefiners are a danger to children? Fighting marriage redefiners is so easy since they provide me with so much ammunition!

What will my opponents say about this? Now that Warren Jeffs has proven himself to be a bisexual child rapist? OMG!!

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  1. Dear Portland (Oregon) Heckler, aka “Wha?”

    From this day on, I will call you the Portland Heckler. I was 92% sure that I knew who you were until today. Now I’m 100% sure. I want to thank you for giving me a rush of joyful energy right before my Monday morning workout because I had a lack of energy until you fell into my trap. Today, you have been the first to confirm my new method of telling who someone is no matter how many times they change their name. With my the eternally glorious Lord Jesus Christ as my witness, I have literally had a belly laugh today because of you! In your effort to heckle me, you have inspired me to create a new procedure that YOU have proven effective! OMG I owe you a six-pack of your favorite beer!

    Couldn’t you tell, from the beginning, that my heteroseparatist philosophy/definition/manifesto/blog is intentionally designed to be like razor wire-harmless unless you rub up against it? Didn’t you realize that, the more attention you bring to me, the more damage you do to homofascism? Can’t you see that I’m no threat to homosexuals unless they’re also homofascists? You bring me joy!
    Not only did Jesus define marriage...
    ...He also defines false Christians...
    ...and His Word tells me to shun false Christians.

    Also, there are heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual pedophiles. Warren Jeffs raped at least one boy and many girls and is therefore a bisexual pedophile and a member of the glbt community. All marriage redefiners have more concern for their narcissistic goals than the welfare of children. And harm to children (abortion, neglect, emotional and physical abuse) can be non-sexual.

    Thank you for making my day. :)


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