Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marriage redefiner Warren Jeffs sentenced.

This man, who served Satan by redefining marriage while claiming to be a servant of Jesus Christ, won't be eligible for parole until he's 100 years old. This is a good thing.

I would feel no compassion for this bisexual (which makes him a member of the glbt community) child molester if he were to become a "bride" in a reversed-polygamy, prison "marriage," where he was the only "bride" of multiple "husbands."

If all of his victims were young boys, would this be as big of a story?

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  1. Dear Portland Heckler,

    You've been banned here remember? You've had your fun. You've given me a few great laughs, but you have to go now. Take care of yourself, change your mind about sexual sin, and start preparing to meet God. God says homosexuality is unacceptable in his Eternal Kingdom so take heed.

    So long.


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