Saturday, November 26, 2016

Screw your rights as a parent beacuse your just homophobic/transphobic!!

This highly disturbing story is why I fight to expose the truth about homofascism and transtyranny. All the glbt community has to do is call you homophobic or transphobic or intolerant or bigoted to then turn around and justify, in their own minds, taking a giant crap on your rights as a parent. But let a true servant of Jesus Christ disagree with homofascist propaganda and the glbt community will go insane.

A Muslim man can kill 49 members of the glbt community and the HRC will say nothing against Islam, but let a true Christian refuse to bake a “wedding” cake for a so-called same-sex “marriage,” and the glbt community will threaten the lives of their children.

Even after going out of my way to denounce hatred and proactive violence, I’ve been threatened for merely creating the word “heteroseparatist.”


How is it that a clear, extreme violation of a parent’s civil rights can happen like this?!?

“… “Why wasn't I even notified? I feel that my constitutional rights have been stripped from me," Calgaro said at a press conference.

…In the lawsuit, Calgaro argues her parental involvement has been "repeatedly circumvented" as it concerns her child.

…however no legal action has been taken to terminate his mother’s parental rights.

…Two medical service providers, Park Nicollet Minneapolis Gender Services and Fairview, provided the 17-year-old medical treatment for a sex change from male to female and for prescribed narcotics, respectively. The medical services and were paid for through St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services.

Full story here.

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