Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gay curriculum ignores parental consent.

Sometimes, when I'm in a debate with a homofascist, I'll ask the question,"Would you tolerate someone teaching Christianity to your child without your consent?" I never get the obvious answer to that simple question because it will immediately collapse the argument for teaching children that homosexuality is okay without the consent of that child's parents; one of the prime goals of the majority of the glbt community. Note the excerpts below...

"...their rights were being violated because they had no control over whether their children received such lessons.
“No one should take my right to tell me what can be shown to my child,” Cookie Gordon, a mother of two, told the board."

"...“These controversial issues don’t belong in the classroom, no matter how many times people vote on marriage,” said Karen England, a member of the State Central Committee of the California Republican Party. “The homosexual activists have repeatedly been pushing for more and more in sexual curriculum when our kids can’t read or write.”..."

"State law does not allow parents to remove their children from particular lessons that are part of a set curriculum."

"...a mother angrily waved a crossword puzzle assigned her 9-year old daughter that included the word “lesbian.” (The clue: “Two women who love each other in a romantic way.”)..."

"...Vallejo’s Christians felt that their voice was being suppressed.
“When you call us haters, or bigoted, or unintelligent because we believe in God’s word,” Mr. Jefferson said, “that’s hate, that’s bigotry.”..."

Story here.

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