Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Loss of sexual sanity in Canada.

In Canada where homosexual "marriage" is legal and accepted, the next rung in sexual deviance is being discussed. Now, according to an "expert," a man who desires sex with children is equal to a man who desires sex with a grown, consenting woman. The desire to have sex with a child is simply an "orientation."

"...However, MP Marc Lemay of the Bloc Quebecois challenged Van Gijseghem’s definition. “I have to admit that I was not expecting, on this Valentine’s Day, to be talking about this inappropriate type of love. It is not really love. It has more to do with violence and control. I am concerned, Professor Van Gijseghem … because you say, if I am not mistaken, that pedophilia is a sexual orientation.”

“That is what I said,” continued Van Gijseghem.

Lemay pursued the point, asking if it therefore should “be compared to homosexuality.”..."

Perverted, wicked story here.

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