Monday, March 21, 2011

Heteroseparatism personified.

In this viral video, the smaller boy represents a homofascist and the larger boy represents heteroseparatism.

The smaller boy is clearly the aggressor and, in his foolishness and arrogance, decides to punch the larger boy in the face twice. Only when the small, wanna-be bully advances for a third time does the larger, more powerful boy take action. Then, in a further display of his honor and righteousness, the larger boy simply walks away from the staggering little fool.

The larger boy was later punished (suspended) by the school despite the clear video evidence that he only defended himself. And the mother of the little, wanna-be bully had the nerve to demand an apology from the mother of the larger boy!

This is how heteroseparatism got started; an unjust, arrogant attack from a twisted homofascist who thought he was going to beat me up with the word "homophobe." I left him staggering, beaten, and bewildered, and some still think that I'm in the wrong despite clear and overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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