Monday, March 28, 2011

Listen to US!! NOT your parents!

Just when I think that I can't find any clearer evidence to illuminate how some gays want to normalize homosexuality to children, without the consent of their parents, I find this.

Why do gays demand respect for their human rights and then turn around and actively, intentionally trample the rights of Christian parents? Would the glbt community tolerate their children being taught about Christianity without their consent? I think that gays would burn down a grade school that bypassed their parental rights!

Look at what's happening in Massachusetts where homosexual "marriage" has become legal..."The goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents' values. By middle school it's too late." -- Elementary school administrator in Massachusetts.

More info here.


  1. Forgive me for being anonymous for now. I was never molested, but I wonder if you can tell me about SSA given this short history. My brother Abe was older and bigger than I was. When we were boys, Dad taught us to box. Abe loved it, I hated it. I never played sports much, but Abe did. He was on the high school teams. He had lots of girlfriends, I had two. He became a born-again Christian who never drank or did drugs, but I did and I read atheist novels while he was reading the Bible. I was always Mom's favorite while Abe was closest to Dad. Does this tell you enough to understand my situation? And what do you advise?

  2. "...I was always Mom's favorite while Abe was closest to Dad." Apparently, you have overrelated to your mother. Jesus Christ can heal you if you wish to be healed.

  3. I wrote the true story of my brother and I except for one thing: Abe is the gay one. And he prayed and fasted and went to a deliverance ministry to drive out what they called "the demon of homosexuality" but he didn't change. Then he went to Exodus and Christian reparative therapy for many years but he now is a minister for a church that allows gays to serve openly. He seems happy and tells me he plans to marry his boyfriend. I am not into religion, so I don't know why he spent so many years trying to change. And when he told me about your site, my question was, "If someone says he wants to be separate from gays, why is he spending so much time researching and writing about it?"

  4. Although you misled me, I still have an answer for you, IF you are now telling the truth. Click on the "h" in the upper left corner of this page to read about the five types of homosexuals; Abe (if he actually exists) is either a "spotlight" homosexual, and/or a "normalphobe" homosexual. Jesus Christ can still heal his homosexuality and your unbelief, but the Lord won't violate your free will. Your brother still has a free will.
    I blog and write about heteroseparatism to defend myself. An attack from a gay homofascist, and the glbt's community desire to trample my civil right to free speech and Christian worship, motivate my writings. Same-sex "marriage" will end the religious freedom that my country was founded FOR. I intend to use my right to free speech before it's taken away. Most gays want to silence and destroy those that simply refuse to support their behavior. Especially those that point out the difference between race and sexual sin.
    You and your brother are free to point out the flaws of my posts. Have I not given you a fair forum here when I could have easily deleted your words and this post? I challenge you and your brother to continue to point out the flaws of my heteroseparatist philosophy.

  5. If you're the same "Anonymous" that responded to my challenge to hu6xxui6, you're going to have to pick/use/create a name. Besides, I CLEARLY wrote, in the post, that the only comments that would be posted would be mine and his. You need to start recognizing boundries, especially those from Jesus Christ.


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