Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homofascists attacking hate-free disagreement.

It took me a bit of work to embed this video since it has been removed from YouTube. It clearly shows how most gays hate non-violent, hate-free disagreement. Homofascism is sweeping the planet. Look at how the homosexual's mind locks up (@00:29) when he is asked, "Do you believe in free speech?" The gay guy can't even speak for about 4 seconds because that single question shone the light of truth on his homofascism. Can someone show me a video of Christians attacking gays who are behaving similarly? True servants of Christ don't attempt to silence gays, but most gays and those that worship homosexuality seem to always want to silence Christians and anyone who disagrees with the glbt lifestyle. Observe the false accusations of, "hater," "bigot," and the one woman using the word "fa**ot," This is raw homofascism. Raw.

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