Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MSM and SSM bring GSA? OMG! WT...

Well here it is. The new way to say "incest" is now "GSA." Genetic Sexual Attraction. Ironically, GSA also stands for Gay Straight Alliance! (If I weren't so jaded, I would throw up!) The term reminds me of how some homophiles will call their sexual relations with little boys, "male intergenerational intimacy." HomoOrwellianism at its finest!

Now, the loss of sexual sanity that was spearheaded by the glbt community has begun to devolve into its next incarnation; sexual relationships between blood relatives. I suppose I should prepare myself to be slandered by the word "siblingphobe" in the (near?) future for my refusal to support marriage between blood relatives. After all, I covered how sterile siblings could use the exact same arguments of the glbt community in my manifesto.

"...Furthermore, stigmatizing GSA is only going to cause incest advocates to adopt it as a pet cause, like the individual behind the website Full Marriage Equality, which both supports gay marriage AND incest – a conflation any gay marriage advocate would be smacking themselves in the head over. A blog post on the Full Marriage Equality site goes so far as to congratulate Lawrence and her father on their happy relationship, saying, “They are consenting adults who should be allowed to marry…. We wish them the best as a consanguinarmorous couple and family.”..."

"Consanguinarmorous" (I think that the first "r" doesn't belong) story here and here.


  1. The picture of the article looks like one of those silly tabloids near the cash register. I've seen ones where women gave birth to alien baby from outer space.
    And what's with all the made-up words like homoOrwellian? That's not Biblical or loving or persuasive. In my opinion, name-calling backfires more than it helps regardless of which side of the issue a person is on.
    Your brother in Christ,

  2. Rusty,

    I think I've figured out something about you, but I have questions for you first.
    1. How old are you?
    2. How long have you considered yourself a Christian?


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