Friday, November 23, 2012

Guest article from Ronnie Maccallister.

Loyal reader Ronnie Maccallister has blessed with it's second guest article.

This article will seek to explain the enormous power gays exert over the Nation and the World via their control of the Media and Entertainment Industry. It will show how they got into this position of power, and exactly how much power and influence they truly have because of it.

"First let the camel get his nose into the tent, only later his unsightly derriere". "If straights can't shut off the shower, they may eventually get used to being wet." "The objection will be raised, and raised, and raised...that our ads are lies...Yes of course we know it....but it makes no difference that our ads are lies, not to us." "Our effect is achieved without reference to facts, logic, or proof".

-all passages from "After the Ball", widely accepted as the "gay bible", or "the gay activist's playbook"

The Mainstream Media has a product to sell, and they have the most talented (snake oil) salesmen at their disposal. That product is homosexuality, and the salesmen are deep seeded homosexuals and their sympathizers in the Media and Entertainment Industry. All this has come about by the most sophisticated, well-organized activism and propaganda the world has ever seen. This is the marriage of Corporate America, the Media, Politicians, and the gay activists community.

It all started with an inspired brainstorm from a couple Harvard- educated geniuses. Enter Kirk and Madsen.
Homosexuals Marshall Kirk, a neuropsychiatry researcher, and Hunter Madsen, a Madison Ave. Marketing virtuoso, put their heads together in the 80's to take on the many failed efforts of the gay lobby and plot a new legacy of success. What followed was the blueprint for what has been called the most sophisticated propaganda in Human history - the writing of "the Overhauling of Straight America" and "After the Ball: How America Will Conquer It's Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90's". Enter the Mainstream Media.

Kirk and Madsen envisioned and plotted aggressive recruitment of the Media to dispense this propaganda. No mere snake oil salesmen sophomores, they envisioned combining Mau Tse Tung's Communist Chinese brainwashing methods with the slickest of Madison Ave. selling techniques, coupled with other forms of advanced psychological persuasion and coercion methods. And some lies.

Kirk and Madsen knew that by corralling, courting, and infiltrating the Media, they would have American Values at their disposal. And dispose of them (their efforts), did.

Americans are addicted to the screen, be it an led or plasma one, or just a plain old tube. We're hooked on shows, movies, video clips and video games. This ubiquitous teat intoxicates us into a daily stupor of complacency, all the while our minds are under siege.

Gay activists have systematically and aggressively infiltrated the ranks of Hollywood and the Mainstream Media, and now command vast power and influence. Roles such as Screenwriters, Production Designers, Set Directors, Casting Directors - anywhere from Actors to Network Executives -drastic overrepresentation in the Entertainment Industry. They've toiled away long and hard to get there, to the point where today, virtually every major tv show has an influential homosexual writer and at least one prominent gay character. Gays, creative and theatrical by nature, are virtuosos in the t.v. and Film Industry -but with an agenda. The predictable, inevitable outcome of this monopolization is the disproportionate abundance of gay sensibilities in our shows, movies and video games - almost always portraying them as the most "with-it", popular, dynamically-cool character. Completely absent from this fictitious slate are any hints of the typical gay lifestyle that is so commonly accompanied by abysmal degeneracy and decadence.

And it's not just dishonest character portrayals. Gay activists' stranglehold on the Media also guarantees that only their biased depiction of homosexuality gets aired, insulating and protecting it from informed, rational debate - it's Achilles Heel. It's like a revolutionist's dream come true -unconditional praise and zero accountability. Gay activists can always count on all their subservient media lackeys to misrepresent, distort, and white wash all the unseemly dimensions of homosexuality from public view, all the while blacklisting, denigrating, ridiculing, and discrediting all those critical of gay activism. They've also mastered the fine art of blacklisting by inundating printed media and websites with the names, addresses and phone numbers of folks who submit official objections to their goals - huge roll-calls of individuals - with the purpose of drawing out as much scrutiny, scorn and vilification from ne'r-do-wells, who then go on to stalk them, slander them, prank-call them, "S.W.A.T" them, harass their business connections and their families. We saw them do a considerable organized hit-job on their opponents in the California Prop-8 case, and also in Maryland, Where the Washington Blade gratuitously published the names of many thousands of individuals who signed a petition gay activists didn't approve of, resulting in the suspension of Dr. Angela McCaskill, a deaf career teacher at Galludet University.

With this overwhelming Media support, homosexuality is thus depicted and enshrined with an inscrutable (faux) righteousness, one seemingly so incontrovertible that fewer and fewer public figures will speak candidly on it for fear of reprisal . Even the once-critical tough guy Bill O'Reilly was cowed into silence on this issue. Gays are literally able dictate the National dialogue on homosexuality, freezing out inconvenient truths from the American consciousness.
From their deep-seeded influence in the Media, gay activists are also able to dictate the trends of popular culture, and by extension, dictate market trends - exerting significant control of Corporate America.
Well-heeled gay activists also specifically seek out, court, and groom Politicians who have a history of being receptive to their radical ideologies, and then bestow upon them the perks of the Media Sponsorship, Advertising, campaign contributions, and appoint and enshrine them as ambassadors of political correctness in their own right. These Politicians' careers thus then become permanently fused with and dependent on the gays' political correctness Media machine. What's more, those linked to the gay agenda are almost always able to vastly outspend their Conservative opponents during campaigning. Once in office, these politicians are bound to and expected to vote affirmatively on every pro-gay bill. With all the powers and influence gay activists command, it would seem might truly does make right. Their version, anyway.

Corporate America depends on airtime and advertisements. Dependable advertising depends on quality programs and ratings, which in turn depend on quality screenwriting, production, casting, acting, etc, - all areas of the Entertainment Industry monopolized by gays. Corporate America thus depends on gays. Gays thus command the enormous funding and support of Corporate America (Nike, Target, Starbucks, Disney, etc.). Politicians thus also depend on the gay-controlled Media as a liaison to Corporate America. Gays depend upon high-level Politicians to dispense taxpayer dollars to their causes (Ex. -Obama's effusive funding of GLSEN and "Czar" Kevin Jennings' homosexualizing of schools.) This is why it is extremely difficult to resist gay activism. Because for all intents and purposes, you mess with gays, you mess with Nike. You challenge the gay agenda, you challenge Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Harry Reid. As this unholy alliance is perpetuated, it's very existence is carefully shielded from view.
This symbiotic relationship is like an eternal wellspring of falsehoods. It is the very source -the headwaters- of the poisoned stream coursing destructively through America's values and sensibilities. It is like a factory. A falsehood factory - one peopled by a loyal army of Marxist gay mercenaries and other hedonistic revolutionaries. And it is this factory that so prolifically churns out it's coveted product: embellished, evocative, glamorous and dynamic portrayals of gays and their ideological cousins, the proudly promiscuous debaucherers.

This falsehood factory, for all its contemporary virtues and influence fortifying it, is as flimsy as a house of cards constructed upon a base of sand, susceptible to aggressive winds of Truth.

The waters of that poisoned stream flow only through meadows and valleys of shadow and darkness, for it quickly evaporates when exposed to cleansing rays of sunlight.

Somewhere in the annals of Cinema sits a foggy-eyed, slurring, drugged and lobotomized actor Ray Liotta, sitting at the dinner table with the top half of his head missing, being spoon fed his own brains ["Hannibal", 2001] The gay-controlled Media has America in a very similar spoon feeding highchair, feeding us things equally outlandish, lulling us into a complacent stupor with propaganda from it's falsehood factory.

Elsewhere in the annals of Cinema, an actor played by Roddy Piper stands at the top of a media skyscraper, having just blown away a space-age satellite transmitter that was the sole transmission source of a planet-wide brainwashing media signal, one that made people blind to the presence and sinister intentions of their alien conquerors living right along side them - that movie's depiction of a reality that eerily parallels the brainwashing of the gay-controlled Media. "They Live" (1988), was the title of that movie, and it ends with a truly hopeful scenario where masses of oppressed, deluded and hapless people finally wake up to the truth for what it really is - the Truth.

Somewhere in America sits everyday Joe, settling in to unwind after a long day of work, school, or parenting with some t.v. viewing to retreat from the stress of his everyday life. What he gets are poisoned fruits of the labor of malicious cultural revolutionaries - peddlers and portrayers of a skewed, poisoned reality, who are at war with the values and freedoms that made his Country special.

This portrayal on this issue has been a dour one, but rays of sunlight have been slowly creeping in. Though public figures are mostly silent on this issue, an army of citizen journalists and bloggers, not so accountable to public scrutiny, have been slowly and steadily educating others and sewing seeds of discord in a populace so previously deluded, bringing about a revolution of critical and rational thought.
George Orwell once wrote, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act".

It has also been said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time."

And I say, "Amen to that".

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