Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Third man accuses Kevin Clash of molestation.

It was the Christmas of 1996 when tickle-me-Elmo was at it’s peak Until I did my homework for this post, I thought that homophile Kevin Clash had thought up tickle-me-Elmo to sexually seduce underage boys. It turns out that he didn’t, but I wouldn’t doubt that he wishes that he had. The homosexuality of Kevin Clash has ruined an icon of childhood, and tickle-me-Elmos, that once sold for $2,500, are now worthless. Maybe Mr. Clash can get a job as a spokesman for NAMBLA. Who else would hire him?

When I ask homofascists to show me the heterosexual equivalent of NAMBLA, none of them can. That says something about the nature of homosexuality.

My supporting info is here, here, and here.

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