Thursday, November 10, 2011

The reality of gender.

I remember the first time I was called a sexist” in college. I was taken aback at first but then I recovered quickly. There is a difference between men and women and those that want to ignore that fact are people that I don’t bother talking to anyway. Today I stumbled across an article that was written by a young woman in college who is being told that gender is nothing but an “oppressive” social construct.

It seems to me that the glbt community and the feminists hate the truth about gender differences.

“...The latest, and arguably most outrageous, plot by the Left is to eliminate people's need to identify themselves as either male or female. ...

...Faculty and students are forced to tolerate and accept lifestyles that they object to...

...Many campuses around the country are going back to single-sex dorms because co-ed dorms lead to more sexual promiscuity and binge drinking.

This issue of gender confusion is not unique to my campus. My friend Ashley attends a private Christian university in California, and she recalls the leader of her dormitory hall speaking about how separate male and female restrooms on campus make people uncomfortable. The dorm leader's argument—as is the argument of many liberals—was that male and female bathrooms force us to recognize our differences, thus creating a culture of inequality.

These ridiculous policies are being discussed and implemented in public schools all over the country. A high school in Michigan eliminated homecoming “kings” and “queens,” for fear of offending a transgendered student. At George Mason University, a man dressed in drag as a woman was elected homecoming queen. The school later eliminated the titles of “king” and “queen” and now uses the title “homecoming royalty” to avoid offending anyone who doesn’t identify as a male or female

...Men and women are different, but that does not make one better than the other. In fact, I believe our differences should be celebrated, not condemned.

In reality, people who are confused about their gender or sexual orientation are not victims of inequality. They are products of a sexually saturated society. ...”

Full article here.

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