Monday, March 26, 2012

Gay & Lesbian Anger Against Disagreement.

The phrase “rhetorical tactic” captured my attention in the article from which the quotes mentioned below come from. This is what motivated me to become the founder of heteroseparatism. I was smeared and mischaracterized as a “homophobe” and I wasn’t going to let a particular homofascist bully get away with it.

It appears that a woman named Jennifer Roback Morse has had a recent experience with homofascism also.

“...GLAAD’s systematic policy of slapping negative labels on their opponents without actually engaging them in debate reduces the quality of discourse in the public square.

...Out of the hundreds of thousands of words I have spoken or written, GLAAD found a grand total of four quotes as evidence of my supposed “extreme animus towards the entire LGBT community.” One of these is that I say redefining marriage will marginalize fathers from the family, because fathers will be considered inessential. GLAAD acts as if this were self-evident evidence of anti-gay bias.

...Evidently GLAAD believes that raising legitimate questions about the group’s preferred policies automatically makes a person “anti-gay.”

...Redefining marriage raises questions that deserve to be fully aired. Trying to discredit skeptics changes the subject.

...These rhetorical tactics do not do the gay lobby any credit. In fact, responsible people of all parties should shun these strategies and make room for honest debate on this momentous question of changing the fundamental structure of our most important social institution. ..."

Full, well-written, article here.


  1. What we must remember is that our understanding of homosexuality is stunted and incomplete BECAUSE we are fully immersed in a radically liberated society. Meaning, our conception of homosexuality as a male who is sexually attracted to a male IS THE AGREED UPON definition of homosexuality BY THE HOMOSEXUALS themselves. But it is not the full and complete definition of homosexuality; it is only an aspect of homosexuality. Ironically, it is the LEAST informative aspect of homosexuality. Homosexuality, in essence, IS SELF-ANNIHILATION via "addiction" to self-sexualization; what is commonly propagandized as sexual attraction to the "same." Homosexuality IS THE SEXUAL AVERSION to your "compliment," i.e., the female AND the accompanying sexual attraction to the self (there is a chicken/egg scenario). The sexual narcissist at some point needs to increase his "high" and looks for the "same" as the "self" has gotten boring. Homosexuality thus transforms from sexual attraction to self to sexual attraction to same.


    Homosexuality is the embrace of self-sexualizing and its logical consequence, self-annihilation.

    One should have no hassle in rejecting self-annihilators as self-sexualizing is such a distasteful and perverted thing.

  2. Self-annihilator + Self-annihilator = Self-annihilation.

    The couplng of two self-annihilators to be called "gay marriage" is not a redefiniton of marriage, but rather, the annihilation of marriage. As in, self-annihilation = marriage and marriage is no longer understood as a procreative union of edifying compliments.

    Truthful rhetorical tactic just as a hetero-Supremacist would want it.

  3. For the record, I am a heteroseparatist, not a hetero-supremacist. I denounced hetero-supremacy in the last paragraphs of my manifesto.

    "...I’m not out to create laws to segregate gay people to the back of the bus, I’m out to prevent laws that prohibit me from getting off of the bus when two men start French kissing right in front of me. I’m not a heterosegregationist or a heterosupremacist, I’m a heteroseparatist. I am separating from the GLBT community and the homophobes of this world. And my stand isn’t against gay people, my nonviolent stand is against gay propaganda. ..."

  4. Mantronikk,

    Although I was referencing myself, I was weary that you might take offense to the terminology. But as a WORSHIPPER of Jesus Christ, you are, by definition, a Supremacist. As in, you worship the Perfect Man and strive towards His Supremacy. Your hetero-separatism is implicit evidence of this. What you reject most about "homofascism" IS ITS ALL-INCLUSIVE COERCION and this is why you choose separatism, EXCLUSION and ultimately Supremacism IN NON-RELATIVISTIC terms.

    Like the rest of us, you are evolving. Hetero-separatism MUST progress to something even truer and absolute. Your worship of Jesus Christ compels it.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up. I however will NOT classify myself as a heterosupremacist. The suffix "supremacist" has a nasty historical connotation that I won't get near. Very few will see the non-relativistic nature of the word "supremacist," so it is unwise for me to use it in relation to heteroseparatism.

      Since I use the ammunition that they so constantly provide me with, I'm doing a Pontious-Pilate-program (washing my hands) on the word "supremacist" lest I give homofascists ammunition.


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