Monday, March 12, 2012

Go ahead. Attack me...

Since I knew that I would come under a fierce attack from some in the glbt community, I designed to strengthen under attack. All a person has to do is read the true definition of heteroseparatist, and my work is done. The more attention that homofascists bring to me, the more damage they do to their selves.

It's what I call "linguistic Aikido." I use the fury and energy of my attacker against them so that the harder they attack me, the more harm they do to their self.

Today, a homofascist calling herself, StarsInHerHair attacked me, and then a wiser homofascist realized the danger of my word/website/concept, and silenced her.

What great joy this web page has brought me!!


  1. I applaud your stance against homo-fascists. As a born-again Christian I've come under attack periodically, simply because I believe God ordained marriage between those of the opposite sex.

    But I have a surprise for those who attempt to silence me with their stereotypical labels: I used to live with one of my neighborhood, high school friends who was openly gay (and I was just as openly heterosexual). It was a learning experience for me, for I soon began to see the dark underbelly of the GLBT movement, their desire to recruit through acceptance of pedophilia. I understand that not all gays are pedophiles but what I saw through my friend and his associates was that most GLBT's accept friends who are, without question. This is a dark shadow on their movement and part of their desire to recruit and expand their movement.

    I clearly remember a gay parade some years back, in which their members were chanting "10% is not enough; recruit, recruit, recruit". Not one news outlet put that segment on nightly news, since they always deny this hidden agenda.

    BTW, can you explain your "linguistic Aikido"... I'm interested in knowing how to channel their anger into positive support for my own future blogs.

  2. Thanks for your words of support. I'm working on a definition of linguistic Aikido in order to answer your question. Give me a few days.

  3. Linguistic Aikido is simply showing your opponent how their violating their own code of conduct. When the gays accuse me of intolerance, I point out their own. When they accuse me of hate, I point out their own. When they call me a homophobe, I point out their use of slander and homofascist hate speech. That's the best description I can come up with right now.


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