Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What is Democratic Underground dot com afraid of?

I have access to software that tells me where traffic to my blog comes from. Yesterday, when I noticed that there was a peak in traffic from DemocraticUnderground.com, I investigated and found out that a woman who was a member of the website had spotlighted my blog as, "...another term for bigots..."

So, when I tried to create a profile to inquire as to why the mere mention of my website was banned, I was prevented from even commenting! What cowardice!! Have I not denounced hatred and proactive violence towards the glbt community? How is it that I'm so feared? Is it anti-Christ bigotry?

Why did William 769 shut down this thread so fast? This smacks of anti-Christ bigotry.


  1. Hey Mantronikk,

    I have tried posting a response several times on the other thread but it doesn't go through....the webpage in general has problems loading each time I visit....I don't know if this is just me....

    Anyway, I am trying again....just wanted to say that I will be watching and waiting, ready to contribute if and when you are ready...

    Take care....

    1. Must be a glitch or something.

      I have figured out how to contact you. You need to post a disposable email address below this comment so I can send you an email. Be prepared for hate mail from homofascists.

    2. @Aservant

      On second thought, whatever email address you send me via a comment will be held until I approve it, so I will be the only person to see it, so it need not be a disposable email address.


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