Friday, March 9, 2012

Homotalitarian GLAAD.

Another, once-noble-but-now-homofascist "gay" organization, is spotlighted today. To no one's surprise, they attacked Kirk Cameron for standing up for God's definition of marriage.

“...“Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve. One man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don’t think anyone else should either,” Cameron said.

The remarks engendered a swift counterattack by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation...

...but for GLAAD, anyone not of the fervent conviction that homosexuality is as natural as the rain falling is trapped in a medieval mindset and hopelessly out of step with progressive thought. we really believe that any sexual urge may be satiated, that any sexual calling must be applauded, that any sexual – dare we say – perversion is permissible?

The yardstick of political correctness has subtly but undeniably been stretched from tolerance to acceptance to promotion – and now it is insistence, insistence that religious opinion and “people of faith” accept the homosexual lifestyle without question, ...

This insistence is profoundly totalitarian in scope and intent while being completely at odds with basic democratic freedoms...

No one can demand that people think in a certain way or that the only acceptable “people of faith” are the ones who won’t disagree or “condemn” your lifestyle choices. ...

...the spiritual environment described by St. Paul in I Timothy 3:1 when “some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits…”

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  1. It has been my take for many years that radical liberalism is the political expression of the homosexual "nature." This "nature" values nondiscrimination and tolerance as its highest principles. These "values" are better understood as the embrace of an all-accepting indiscriminancy in act, though and belief. The embrace of an all-accepting indiscriminancy is the surest path to self-annihilation. Ergo, the homosexual "nature" is a self-annihilating "nature." The true homosexual is a self-annihilator.

    In this paradigm shift it becomes infinitely easier to reject homosexuality and the homosexual who preaches, teaches and practices self-annihilation.

  2. "Self-annihilator" is an concise description. "...nondiscrimination and tolerance as its highest principles." Very profound.

  3. When most Christians, conservatives and traditionalists deal with liberalism's "highest values" all they can see and feel is discrimination and intolerance. They believe that this indicates the liberal's "double standard." They are unable to see that the liberal is simply existing as his "nature" requires. He desires to exist in a state of radical autonomy, i.e., absolute "freedom." In order to get to his desired state of existence WE ALL MUST AGREE to abide by his "nature." We all must exist in a state of all-accepting indiscriminancy (nondiscrimination + tolerance) for the liberal to realize his desire to exist a state of radical autonomy. He calls this goal "equality." It is actually the embrace of anti-Supremacy, i.e., the embrace of the descent. Final liberation. Self-annihilation. The homosexual "nature."

    When the de facto homo/self-annihilator lashes out with discrimination and intolerance, he is lashing out at those who reject the idea of existing in a state of indiscriminate act, thought and belief; he is lashing out at those who then reject the masochistic tolerance of the pain, destruction and death that MUST FOLLOW such a degenerating mindset.

  4. Have you ever written an article on the link between homosexuality and liberal ideology?

  5. Mantronikk,

    I've never written an article per se, but I have certainly blogged about such connection for many years.

    From an evolutionary perspective (not mine, but the radical liberal's), the homosexual is the most primitive liberal. We on the "right" make a big mistake in granting the origin of "liberalism" to a spiritual or intellectual movement. Liberalism is first and foremost a "physical act," i.e., a biological movement. Liberalism is in its origins the expression of the homosexual "nature."

  6. I just found your blog a few days ago.......just wanted to leave my thanks and words of encouragement. You have been bookmarked and I will be a frequent visitor. I think this issue is at the forefront of the battle against totalitarian social engineering......

    I had been duped to swallow much of the "gay agenda" propaganda but began to wake up about 10 years ago. Life's circumstances found me, really not by choice but just through bad luck, confronted directly by gay culture in my personal situation,and as such my rude awakening began. I haven't stopped reeling since at realizing what a wicked, overt and cynical lie is being pushed upon society at large. Gay culture has absolutely nothing in common with normal heterosexual is, as Thordaddy commented, a completely destructive, degenerate existence.

    If I made be so bold, I would like to offer a suggestion. I read your definition of heteroseparatist, and I believe you did a fine job of breaking down the term homophobe. I deconstruct it a bit differently, but in the end we arrive at the same conclusion: it is a meaningless term used just to stigmatize. As such, whenever I come across this term in real discourse I immediately identify it as a bogus, made-up word without meaning at all. You said it very well with your playground analogy of "What are ya....scared?".

    Even still, you use the term in your mission statement and afterward as well. I propose that this term be stricken from the vocabulary of anyone that has woken-up to its fraudulent origins. Yes, I know this is semantics, but this is how the war is being fought and these labels have been given great power. We must take that power away. I make a stern conscious effort to never use the word in any debate or discussion about sodomite culture. The only time it may pass through my lips is to explain to a user of this term that they have been duped like I was, that the word is only a projection of the fear and loathing a homosexual feels for others.

    Once again, thanks for the great work.

    1. @Aservant This is precisely why I created "heteroseparatist," to break the back of the word "homo*****" and to CORRECTLY define those who hold on to sexual sanity.

      I understand your motivation to not use the word and I will think on it. Yet the word is such a embedded part of American culture, its use is sometimes unavoidable in my effort to explain heteroseparatism.

      I greatly appreciate your comment and I will do my best to maintain the quality of this blog. Homotalitarianism is but one aspect of homofascism.

    2. Thanks for the reply Mantronikk and your humble consideration of my point of view on the term "homo****"!

      Once again, I would just like to say it is very encouraging to find this blog and someone with the courage and clarity to tackle this issue head-on.

      You state on your profile that you are the world's first heteroseparatist. If you would be so kind as to grant your permission for use of your original term, I would like to claim that there is now a second heteroseparatist in the!

      Well, maybe I can't be second as you coined the term a few years ago, someone has probably already beaten me to it, but whatever place I may find myself in, I'll take it.

      Thanks once again......BTW, the links on the site are fantastic!!!

    3. You're welcome. I would be honored if you were to refer to yourself as a heteroseparatist, but the official title of, "World's second heteroseparatist" is something that I've never even thought of, and I have to think on it. Heteroseparatism is a developing philosophy and I don't know the future of it. I may be running a magazine or a corporation someday. I just don't know.

      Would you consider being the author of my first guest article? If you would, I have to figure out the parameters of a guest article.

  7. I would be honored to be an author of a guest article.......just let me know through your comments section if you wish or let me know if would like an email address. I'll be back to check the comments section daily.

    I like your reservations of not immediately allowing me the title of "World's Second Heteroseparatist"'re thinking big! This is great......but not to worry, I retract my request. I would do just fine if you allow me to call myself a "fellow heteroseparatist". I just got a little over excited as I have so often been asked my position on this issue and didn't have the concise term to label myself. When I found it, it was so tempting to believe I would be the second only in the whole world to call myself this!! LOL.....It really is a great term with a great definition when talking about these matters........

    1. @Aservant As of 2355hrs PST on Monday 12 March 2012, recognizes you as an official member.

  8. @Aservant

    Wow. This is a first for Give me a few days to figure out the parameters of a guest article since this is a first for me, and I have homofascists that read my posts regularly so I now have to figure out a way to contact you without opening a door of attack for them.

    Please keep an eye on this thread. I'll think of something.


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