Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't use the word "Dad" ?!?!?

Talk about bigotry and intolerance! A gay couple objects to the word "dad" in a guide for raising children, and ALL references to fathers and fatherhood are removed from that guide!?!

WOW!!! This is yet another example of the denial that is the cornerstone of the gay community. To deny that it takes a male and a female to create a child is insane. Yet this type of behavior is supported by those who fear being labeled "homophobic."

Is this not insanity? How is this NOT crazy? After God created Adam and Eve, it takes a male and a female to create a human life on this planet, yet some in the glbt community want this fact silenced. And I'm called a "bigot" for walking away from this? I'm "intolerant," or "homophobic," for my heteroseparatism?

I don't associate with people who deny the truth about gender differences.

Story here.

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