Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well, here we go again.

A person that is very most probably an anti-Christ bigot said that one of my videos was banned from YouTube. That struck me as curious, since I’ve never even made a video, much less for YouTube. When I investigated the accusation, I immediately discovered that it was yet another false accusation from someone who very probably thinks that anyone who doesn’t support male-on-male sexual activity is a “bigot.”

Yet the more I clarify heteroseparatism, the more false accusations I get. That’s no surprise to me. That’s why I wrote my manifesto, to cover all of the little lies that are told about those who don’t support the glbt community.

So now I’m laying down a challenge for each person who can only attack me with a like-minded group to support them. I’m challenging anyone from freejinger.org to find a post on this blog where I have condoned proactive violence, hatred, or oppression against the glbt community. Until someone from freejinger.org can face me here, where I guarantee a one-on-one debate, the commenters on the linked-to thread above are nothing but anti-hetero bigots.

Will anyone one of those cyberjackals take me on one-on-one? No they won’t. Jackals cannot fight mono-e-mono.


  1. I went to their site to dispute a false accusation and PROVED the accusation to be false and then I get even more false accusations thrown at me? I went there and yet not even ONE of them can come here? Even AFTER I guarantee a one-on-one debate? Homofascists can't even get NEAR the truth, because they know that they will be proven wrong.

    1. Hi Mantronnik keep up the good work. Ephesians 5 verse 11 Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them 12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

    2. @Gordon Excellent verse.

      The Word of God is so pure and true that I cherish it deeply and read it daily. I grew up under the onslaught of constant propaganda and the Word of God delivered me from the confusion and lies of this world. I built the word "heteroseparatist" upon scripture; to separate from someone because of their behavior, and yet not hate them for their fallen/sinful state of mind.

    3. Hi Mantronikk
      Once again I have to thank God for your great work. A friend of mine posted a graphhic picture of an angry mob in Uganda looking at a dead Homosexual that had been beaten to death and set on fire by the mob . I commented " The wages of sin is death" I could not believe the tirade that was unleashed which started on the 2 March and is stil going on a week later. If it wasn't for having read your blog and access to the scriptures I would have been hard pressed to respond to the hatred that flows from the glbt community world wide and their " gay tolerant sympathisers". Your supporting material is superb. With your permission I am proud to fly the flag of Hetroseparatism and subscribe to your manifesto.
      May God bless you mightly in your fight to reach the lost and most depraved souls of the Human race . Galatians 1 verse 10

    4. Well, the wages of sin IS death, but the angry mob that beat the homosexual to death was still wrong since Jesus Christ paid the death penalty price for that homosexual.

      It is wrong to murder someone for being a member of the glbt community since, a true Christian would attempt to save someone who has embraced sexual sin from the eternal anguish of hell.

      I do thank you for your supportive words, and I wanted to respond to your comment sooner than I did.

  2. Freejinger is a disgusting hate group.


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