Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Homofascism, misandry, and liberalism.

I’ve figured out some of the ideological links between homosexuality and feminism; the greatest of which being the denial of gender truths. Every human being that I’ve ever met was either born male or female, and I’ve noticed distinct behavioral and thought-process differences between the two sexes. But I’ve been attacked for speaking about the differences between men and women, and the style and absurdity of those attacks is almost identical from both the feminist camp and the homofascists of the day. And I’ve carried over the lessons that I learned from dealing with ultra-hard-core feminists to my unwanted conflict with the glbt community.

"…The sexual revolution has resulted in the normalization of two malaises: feminism and homosexuality. A lot of liberals shout “Homophobia!” and “You have to be insecure in your sexuality” or “You are secretly gay,” but the truth is that societies which tolerate homosexuality go to accepting it and then finally normalizing it on a grand scale. Children in particular are quite impressionable and if you teach them that there is no difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality then they will ‘experiment.’ If you teach them that there are no differences between men and women then androgyny will be the result (e.g. modern Sweden). Another example: look at how feminism has affected young women into working out hard and achieving boy-like physiques as they masculinize themselves more and more (not to mention the acceptance of perversions like anal intercourse which is tied directly to pederasty and teenage boy love).

…like all demons, liberalism disguises itself as angel of light, when in reality it’s destruction.

…Tolerance, without discernment, is not a virtue.

…Homophilia and feminism are the most important children of the cultural revolution. They share, as such, much of the same ideological baggage that denies biological realities and makes war on the family.

…homosexuals have quickly gone from being pariahs to privileged beings, who flaunt their alleged “superiority” over heterosexuals, who are seen as old-fashioned, outmoded, ridiculous. Heterosexuals are like women who center their lives on the care of children rather than on a career, and are thus something bizarre and implicitly opposed to liberal-style “emancipation.”

…Most lesbians, in his view, are bisexual, rather than purely homosexual, and for whatever reason have turned against men.

…By contrast, male homosexuality was considered abhorrent, because it violated the nature of masculinity, making men no longer “properly” male and thus something mutant.

…The dogma that differences between men and women are simply cultural derives from a feminist behaviorism in which women are seen as potential men, and femininity is treated as a social distortion.

…Feminists therefore affirm the equality and interchangeability of men and women, yet at the same time they reject femininity, …feminism aims to masculinize women and feminize men in the image of its androgynous ideal.

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