Friday, July 27, 2012

Vile homofascists celebrating death of Chick-fil-A spokesman.

If just one person calling themselves a Christian were to celebrate the death of a homosexual or a homofascist, the glbt community would go wild with cries of, "hatred!," "homophobia!," and "intolerance!"

Yet some of those who support the redefinition of marriage are celebrating the sudden death of Don Perry, the chief spokesman of Chick-fil-A.

Now that's hatred.

Story here.

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  1. The homofascists, like all cultural Marxists, (a) believe in Herbert Marcuse's principle of "repressive tolerance," so they have no ethical restraint in simultaneously demanding untrammeled freedom of expression for themselves and denying it to those who oppose their politically correct agenda; and (b) use Alinsky's _Rules for Radicals_ as their playbook in confronting ideological opponents: they personalize their opposition--hence the ubiquitous use of the ad hominem attack--even as they appeal to their antagonists' higher sense ethical principle to mute any riposte against themselves.

    You can't fault the cultural Marxits at the tactical level: their approach has worked like a charm since the 1960s, as the ground of acceptable debate has been shifted ever leftward . . . so that, eventually, cultural Marxists have been able simply to use the police power of the state to make their arguments for them, as one initially radically revolutionary proposition after another has become the new orthodoxy.


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