Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crafting "gay" children; part 2.

I've already shown, on this blog, that Elton John is not above pursuing young boys for homosexual purposes. My evidence is here. Now it seems, that Elton John and his "husband" are going to raise their own little boy scout.

Wow. I now live in a World where an openly homosexual man can cavort around on stage with young boys in boy scout uniforms in an overtly homoerotic fashion (no pun intended), and that same man is allowed to, with his "husband," have custody of a boy in their homosexual household. OMG. Who's fault would it be if Mr. John and his gay lover eventually molest and/or rape this young boy? I mean, what bigger clues could Elton John give to whatever child-protecting agency is in his country? He's a homosexual man who's been on stage with boys in boy scout uniforms as homoerotic dancers and yet he is allowed to have constant access to a male child behind closed doors in his own home with his "husband?!" HOW MANY MORE, I-MIGHT-BE-A-DANGER-TO-A-YOUNG-BOY, CLUES DOES HE HAVE TO BROADCAST BEFORE HIS GOVERNMENT ACTS!!! What's next? An adoption agency run by NAMBLA?

Sick, twisted story here.


  1. So you are equating stage performances with parenting skills?

    That's a bit of a stretch.

    For someone who claims to only want to be separate but doesn't hate gays, you sure seem to spend a lot of time looking for the bad in amongst all the good.

  2. So Elton John's homoerotic performance with young boys in Boy Scout uniforms ISN'T a red flag? For someone who thinks that they're fighting bigotry, you seem to me to have a lot of anti-hetero bigotry.

  3. How exactly is it anti-heterosexual to point out that you go out of your way to focus on the most horrible stories? How is it bigoted?

  4. Ignoring Elton John's homoerotic behavior towards young-boy-looking males in boy scout uniforms is what makes you anti-hetero and displays your anti-Christ bigotry, not your logic-free attacks on me.

  5. @Emma
    Good idea to check out on this one. Good point though. Our friend says that he rejects us but does not "hate, fear or persecute" members of LGBT community. That statement rings false if you look at his web page. He goes out of his way to present our community in a less-than-favorable light.

  6. http://heteroseparatist.blogspot.com/2011/02/dear-mr-wonderful.html


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