Saturday, December 18, 2010

DADT repealed.

Well, it's not like gays weren't already there. I'm kind of glad I can stop blogging about DADT since all talk about DADT was irrelevant until today's vote.

I'm still concerned about the homosexual harassment that some soldiers and sailors may not have protection from; harassment from some in the glbt community is what got me started on my website and this blog. I bet the Navy recruiter's job just got real easy! Article here.


  1. Such a disappointing outcome on yesterday's vote. I wonder if they will, in fact, be lining up at the recruiters' office fast enough to fill the shoes of the heterosexuals who are fed up and ready to bolt. Interesting and disturbing times ahead. As a watchdog over this stuff, you'll have your work cut out for you!

  2. But young people have been conditioned to think that people can be born "gay." I'm sure that young men joining our new gay-welcoming military will figure out ways to quelch any unwanted homosexual harassment. And I'm going to continue to defend my right to NOT accept homosexuality as normal and shine the light of truth on homofascism. Also, I'm honored by your post.


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