Monday, December 13, 2010

Pamela Grothaus: "Bigot" of the Year?

This woman, Pamela Grothaus, has a set of cybertesticles that intimidates some in the glbt community. She has taken a brave stand against homofascism and she's being harassed for it. Click here for the full story.


  1. Please. You and Pam may not "hate" homosexuals, you just don't want them to be open about it. Too bad the same doesn't apply to Christian. I don't "hate" Christians, I am just tired of them faunting their (as Pam would say "in-your-face") Christanity. And while were at it, how about a standing challenge to you. Why won't you disavow how some in the Christian community wish to recruit schoolchildren, in grades k thru 6 into the Christian lifestyle WITHOUT the consent of their parents?

  2. Hmmm. Should have guessed by the absence of comments that they needed "approval". Typical. Onward Christian Soldier!

  3. @Anonymous
    When I said that I speak out against ANY end-run around parents rights, that includes people who reject Christ like you have. NO true Christian would go behind a parent's back to teach their child about Jesus Christ. Such an action is NOT from the Word of God.

    I don't mind gays being "open" about their homosexuality, I mind homofascists trying to take away MY right to walk away when they (the homofascists) begin attacking me. Most homofascists aren't actually gay themselves. Most homofascists think that they're defending a downtrodden minority when gay people don't fit the legal definition of a minority because a person's sexuality CAN change and the glbt community has great economic strength.

  4. @mantronikk
    Which "ex-gay" camp did you attend to go straight? It's obvious that you have contempt for those of us who live honest and open gay lives and who choose NOT to LIE to children and say that our lives are not normal. You seem really hung up on that. PROTECT THE CHILDREN! It seems to me that children have to be protected from Christianists like you who distort the Bible, picking and choosing the bits you want to use against other - The Gays - but you ignore the other stuff that pertains to you. God doesn't like liars, nor does He like people who have so much pride and hate in their souls that they're blinded to their own failings. Blinded into thinking that everyone else's sin is worse than theirs. Or, worse yet, that they don't sin at all. I feel sorry for you.


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