Monday, December 6, 2010

The first known "gay" activist said...

...that the law should protect young boys from homosexual men and prevent gay men from committing lewd acts in public.

I stumbled upon this info yesterday as I was researching and writing a chapter in my book on heteroseparatism, and I was stunned. This guy, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs lived from 1825 to 1895, and he is known as the original founder of the modern gay rights movement. He was the first known, out-of-the-closet homosexual in modern history, and he wrote various books and articles on the subject of the rights of gay people. This guy was "gay" before the word "homosexual" even existed.

What stunned me yesterday, while I was writing, is the fact that Mr. Ulrichs supported laws that protected young boys from the "seduction" of gay men! (perhaps because of his homosexual contact with his riding instructor when he was 14) OMG! Do modern homosexual know this? Do modern gays know that they have deviated from the originator of the gay rights movement when they chase after underage boys, threaten those who don't support their homofascism, and commit lewd acts in public during "gay pride" events/parades? My supporting info is here.


  1. You really should refrain from hugely generalized statements such as your suggestion that all modern gays chase after under-aged boys. It's blatantly false.

    Also, I'm not sure why are so stunned that a leading philosopher/advocate of gay rights would be supportive of such a law. The vast majority of gay men and women would be supportive of such a law.

    I know I know, you're going to bring up NAMBLA and somehow extrapolate from their existence your misguided notion that gay men are inherently sexual predators or something ridiculous like that. That train of thought holds no more weight than arguing that because SOME straight men molest young girls, straight men in general are sexual predators.

  2. My "suggestion" that all modern gays chase after young boys is only in your mind. You can't seem to wrap your mind around the fact that I can stand against homofascism and not hate homosexuals. You seem to be powered by anti-Christ bigotry. Have you become the bigot that you THINK you're fighting against?

  3. What damaged you so?

  4. fadingad, I was wounded by homofascism and decided to defend myself.


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