Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dawn Stefanowicz, heteroactivist extraordinaire.

Valued reader Ronnie Maccallister (thanks Ronnie!) gave me the link to a powerful story written by a woman who was raised in a homosexual household.

Dawn Stefanowicz's story illustrates how the glbt lifestyle is more harmful to children than heterosexuality.

“…Dawn brings a rare voice to the public discussion; her father was actively involved in the gay lifestyle, and she describes herself as “raised under the GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender] umbrella.”

…their father ended sexual relations with his wife, and pursued homosexual relationships at well-known gay meeting places in Canada and the United States. Dawn was often brought along to many of these locations, even as a child. Her father had numerous gay lovers, and brought them into the home. At age 51, in 1991, he died of AIDS.

…Almost immediately, gay activists who had been bussed in—and I should say I dislike using the term “gay,” but it’s commonly used today, so I will—began shouting at me as I testified so that you couldn’t even hear what I was saying. A half dozen times I was interrupted. I was concerned for my safety, so I asked a security guard for an escort to my car. I went home and began writing my book.

…Monogamy in the gay community means “serial monogamy,” you have a single partner for several months and then move on, or you’re in a relationship but have multiple partners on the side.

…they would often take me along to meeting places in the GLBT community. I was just a child, but I was exposed to overt sexual activity. When I was about nine, for example, my father took me to a downtown sex shop. He said he wanted to expose me to sexuality … that was part of the gay culture.

…my father came to school to watch me perform in the band. …I saw his eyes bug out when he saw all the teenage boys performing on the stage with me. Then I realized that he was not there for me, but to pick up young men.

…I knew many gay men who had a preference for adolescent males who had just hit puberty. They would look for boys with absent fathers who were vulnerable.

…my childhood in a homosexual environment. It was not a safe … I don’t know how else to put this: gay sex is messy. I would see dirty bed sheets, covered with sperm, fecal matter, and lubricant gel.

…My twin brother witnessed the group sex once. He couldn’t understand why dad could kiss other men, but couldn’t show affection to him.

…He was sexually abused as a child; his father was a violent alcoholic.

…Many have been deluded by the cultural acceptance of homosexuality. They haven’t thought about its long-term impact on children.

…Every kid wants to be raised by biological parents who are faithful to one another.

Original info here.


  1. Oh...this one is powerful Mantronikk....This is where you need to go......testimonials about what is "really" going on. This is much deeper than just one is opposed to all having rights.

    Congratulations on the blog my friend....sorry I haven't been around recently, but upon my re-appearing it appears you are hittin'it hard and heavy. I see your comments are heating up as well....

    Remember what you first told me when we first started conversing....that conservative blogs don't get many comments? Well, I think you are going to break the mold.

    Keep hittin it man!!!!!

  2. Yeah, this post is a particularly powerful one. Please feel free to send me links to stuff like this since stories like this get covered up by the glbt-worshiping mainstream media. Glad to hear from you. Plan on asking for your input, when comments get to a certain level, to help design the official card/certificate of a heteroseparatist.

    Yes, comments are starting to heat up. I've even had another banning lately. Homofascists inevitably run out of logical points and degrade into insults when I clarify heteroseparatism.

  3. The interview is gripping in a way that CDC or social survey statistics can never be. Homosexual sodomy is repellent at a basic, gut level . . . because it is fundamentally destructive, spiritually, morally, and physically; Ms. Stefanowicz leaves the reader of this interview in no doubt regarding the undesirability of promoting the homosexualist agenda. Thank you for posting it.

    P. S.: The link you provided at the foot of the post does not bring up the correct page of the _Catholic World Report_. The following web address does:

    1. Good looking out. It's been fixed. Your observations are very valuable to me. Please keep them coming.


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