Monday, October 8, 2012

Feminist-femme lesbian angry at reality.

After three ultra-intense days at work and configuring my new smart phone, I can finally tend to my beloved blog.

And there it was waiting for me.  The story of a lesbian angry at the fact that her female lover couldn't impregnate her.  She considers it a, "biological injustice" that she can't procreate with her female partner.

"...What I mean is that I want the ease, the convenience, the — dare I say it — naturalness that straight people have when starting a family.

...The attitude I have always taken to having a baby with another woman has been this: "It's not fair! It's so hard! Why me?"

...I am a total brat about what I consider a biological injustice. . . 

...Why can't my girlfriend and I have a baby that shares our DNA? Why can't an egg from each of us be scrambled up and sprinkled with sperm? It seems so easy! Try harder scientists! Make this a priority. ..."


The obvious, blatant, insanity of most of the glbt community is what powers this blog.  Can anyone defend this twisted woman?  What happened to this woman?  Who is she mad at?  Whose fault is it that she can't procreate with her lesbian lover? 

Denial is the cornerstone/foundation of the glbt lifestyle.

The data supporting this post is here and here.

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